Digital Marketing Answers for Business Owners

There’s so much to digital marketing especially when you are a startup. We’ve gathered all the digital marketing answers we’ve been asked into one handy place.

If you have a question then please contact us and we’ll find the answer. 


Do Google Ads Work?


It’s very simple but expensive if you use an agency but you can do a lot for yourself. Here’s a few observations that will help you on your journey.

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How do you do Conversion Optimisation on a Budget?

Conversion optimisation is the pinnacle of digital marketing. When you have enough visitors and data then you can go down the route of a regular programme.

But how can you optimise when you are lacking in budget. This article gives some simply valuable ideas.

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How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy

I also use SWOT but this little post is about being realistic with strategy.

S.O.S.T.A.C has been a boon to everything I do for a client. It is the ordered planning of digital that makes a difference.

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How to do Content Marketing?

Content is such a daft jargon word. Anything that is entertaining or informative is content.

The most important thing to digest is ‘will this content lead to an action?’

At best you want someone to buy or signup but there are many more actions that are useful and many types of content.

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How to Find Keywords?

Don’t get obsessed with keywords. Well, maybe just a bit. Because keywords underpin so much success online.

O’ and don’t rely on Google or general word finding tools. I’ve used many and none do the whole job.

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Should I Rent or Buy an Email List for my Business?


It really is that simple. Don’t rent email lists.

Never buy a list. You don’t know where it has been.

Nor is it going to be GDPR compliant as there is no ‘explicit’ consent from the recipients.

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What is Lead Generation?

Leads are potential customers. They are people first not a jargon term. So, what is lead generation?

So, you want their contact details, most importantly their email address.

Once you have the email address for each person then you would use a Customer Relationship Manager system to nurture them till they buy.

That’s the theory.

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What are the Different Sources of Website Traffic?

Google Analytics will give you a report splitting the traffic into different channels. But there are other ways to look at your traffic sources and take action for greater effect.

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What is Social Marketing?

That’s a very important question. I’ve had clients who assumed that that’s all they needed. We’ll get on social and then we’ll get lots of traffic and BINGO!

Well, it doesn’t work as easily as that; sure I’ve seen lots of sales on an ecommerce site that came from Instagram but only after a lot of work.

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