What is Lead Generation in Digital Marketing?

Posted on Oct 31, 2019 |

The Process

Leads are potential customers. They are people first not a jargon term. So, what is lead generation?

So, you want their contact details, most importantly their email address.

Once you have the email address for each person then you would use a Customer Relationship Manager system to nurture them till they buy.

That’s the theory.


The Marketing Funnel

It works. You’ll hear a lot about the marketing funnel. You get 100 leads into the funnel, you market to them, you convince and you cajole and 5 buy.

Nothing wrong with that. But I don’t fully agree with the linear approach and the lack of humanity.

I see people. Do you see people making your business profitable or are they just leads to be churned through?


Relationships Make Profit Too

I’d rather create relationships with people because I like that. I think it is the right way to operate in business.


Multi Device Journey

People are NOT always going to follow a funnel you’ve dictated. People use more than one device and for different reasons. People get distracted. The internet is interference in a box.


Multiple Touches

People are going to buy or at least come to your website for more information or signup to news the more they see you, the more different forms of content, the more original and informative that content is.


The Bubble

So the journey is less a funnel and more a bubble.

Create great information or entertainment (content marketing) for all your different traffic channels.

What is a marketing funnel or is it a bubble?

The Ladder of Loyalty for People Marketing

The loyalty ladder is a marketing concept that sees customers gradually moving up through relationship levels, starting at the bottom as prospects (those who have the intent to purchase but have not yet done so) and ending up at the top as advocates (intensely loyal brand champions).

The Ladder of Loyalty is want all relationships are about and it is what you need for a sustainable business.

The Ladder of Loyalty image

Growth Loops

Digital marketing is about process and should be cyclic. ‘Wash and repeat’ is the truism.

Growth Loops is the latest buzz term.

When you read about them. Eminent marketers spout theory and complexity.

A growth loop to me is first about knowing the person (the lead), giving them what they need / want (the customer) and creating a mutually beneficial relationship, which they want to share (the advocate).

Digital marketing is about people.

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