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I’m Jim Kinloch, I started Conversion Detectives in 2011.

Digital marketing is simple. It’s about making money. That’s it.

Conversion Detectives is a full service digital marketing company that finds the best quality traffic for your website and converts more of that traffic into sales, leads or subscribers.


How do we do that?

A systematic method developed over the last ten years and constantly being adapted.


Your Business is Different

Every business is unique in terms of online presence. Somethings like Google Ads may work for you and some won’t like social selling.


Knowing the Difference

We know the difference.


Audit & Deduction Report

We audit your entire presence online, we look at your market, what Google thinks of you and at the competition. The audit has over 200 factors.

Then we produce a Deduction Report. This contains the good and profitable for your business plus the bad and ugly, that is what you shouldn’t be doing.

Each report contains actions in priority order for improving awareness of your business, improving consideration of your offer and purchase.

We can go further and look to create a refinement cycle in your business so growth through digital becomes part of your company culture.

Stay safe,

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Conversion Detective



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More About Me

I’m Jim Kinloch, and I’m a Digital Marketing Agency owner in Hertfordshire. I started Conversion Detectives in 2011. We work all over the UK and beyond.

The idea came about when I was working for a personalised gift company, Signature Gifts. Part of my role was to grow an affiliate programme so I went to an affiliate forum event. The entrepreneurial spirit of the online affiliate excited me into starting my own business.

I went to EVERY seminar, workshop and talk and learned a huge amount (and in subsequent years). It was like a finishing school for digital business.

Fascinated and inspired I went on to found this business, bringing what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced to all manner of businesses. Increasing social following, organic traffic, email lists and converting more visitors to sales.

I’m always happy to chat and focus on what could make a difference to your business online. Just ask anyone I’ve met networking…

In my spare time, I write comedy. I live in Welwyn Garden City and I have one daughter.

I started online working for MicroWarehouse and MacWarehouse (absorbed into the Dixon’s Group). I was an Internet Product Manager, specialising in software.

I was headhunted to look after the marketing for FileMaker UK, wholly owned by Apple Computer, did my first email campaign!

My next stop was Signature Gifts where I was the Online Marketing Manager for this personalised gifts company. I specified and setup the email platform along with overseeing PPC, SEO and several affiliate programmes.

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Conversion Detectives

Then I started Conversion Detectives a digital marketing agency in Herts. Word of mouth is very powerful, isn’t it? All my clients came from friends, business associates and through networking.

My idea was to produce Conversion Rate Optimisation CRO reports for clients but I almost always ended up being an outsourced online marketing manager helping with a broad range of activities, from blogging to Website traffic building.


Jim Kinloch Becomes a Digital Detective!

Now I style myself as a Digital Marketing Consultant, that is a Conversion Detective because it is detective work finding the profit, the best for the visitor and ideas that potential and existing customers find engaging.


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Creative Detective

I live in Welwyn Garden City and travel throughout the county and the UK. In my leisure time, I write comedy.

Writing comedy, well the comedy I write is fun. I don’t write gags more the surreal characters. I’ve had a few sketches on TV, won some DVD’s from The Secret Policeman’s Ball, written silly questions for an app and been runner-up of a BBC sitcom competition. O’ and run a comedy Website that used to see me invited to film premiers. Having an offbeat and creative side complements the need for logical analysis needed for digital marketing.

I do like to chat about everything online, digital and social so look me up on Linkedin where I post about what I find works digitally.


Conversion Detectives is incorporated as a Private Limited Company.

Company No: 10690806

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