What is Social Marketing?

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Social Marketing

What is Social Marketing?

That’s a very important question. I’ve had clients who assumed that that’s all they needed. We’ll get on social and then we’ll get lots of traffic and BINGO!


Well, it doesn’t work as easily as that; sure I’ve seen lots of sales on an ecommerce site that came from Instagram but only after a lot of work. Work from many people, the creation of a story to follow, interesting content and relevant to the audience.


People don’t go on social to buy. But they can be encouraged.

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The Vanity of Social Marketing Following

Most assume if your following is large the dividends will also be large. But it’s vanity really. I have 10,000 followers and you have only 5,000. I win.


No I don’t because my 10,000  aren’t doing anything and 25% of your 5,000 is doing something eg reacting, sharing and commenting. Therefor more likely to spread the message and buy.


Don’t be fooled by the top-level number.


Measure Engagement

Not what the social networks give you but ‘true’ engagement. That is the amount of positive actions like sharing divided by your following.

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Some Observations About Social Networks

  • People stay on their preferred network. It’s very difficult to get them onto another network. Get them to your website with great video, copy and imagery is less hard.
  • Non-professional video can work better. It looks home produced and therefore real.
  • You can still have great reach on Instagram.
  • Facebook Ads really work.
  • YouTube is VERY different and needs a plan all of its own and that plan should include ads and collaboration.
  • Twitter is an odd one and appeals very much to certain niches. Medical people are very active and very responsive.


The Core Tribe

Your business is better off with:

  • 10 New Emails > 10,000 new ‘followers’
  • 100 website visitors > 10,000 new followers
  • 100 true fans > 100,000 visitors


Why is this true?

They are manageable groups. Focus on them. You also have a direct relationship with an email list. You don’t have to pay for advertising.


When you get 100 interested visitors to your website then that beat 10,000 followers who look at your feed and do nothing.


Original great content means links (referrers)

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Market to where the influencers go (research, display network)

Look for a group of people who influence but are not on that bandwagon. Then find where they go online. Advertise there and create partnerships with these websites to get relevant content published.


Create series of content for social, streaks, to aid amplification

If you have one successful post the social networks will reward you. So, the next post will get more reach. Don’t think in terms of separate pieces or posts. Think in terms of a serial. If the first gets that reach the second and third pieces or posts are going to benefit.


I hope that helps!

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