What are the Different Sources of Website Traffic?

Posted on Sep 28, 2019 |

How to build quality website traffic

Website Traffic Sources

When you look in Google Analytics you’ll see the ‘Channel’ report.

The report lists:

  • Direct
  • Organic Search
  • Social
  • Referral
  • Paid Search
  • Email


But there’s another way to look at your traffic channels:

  • Owned
  • Earned
  • Paid

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Paid Traffic

In the main this is going to be Google Ads and Facebook advertising. Of course you can lump in Instagram, Twitter, banner ads, advertorial and more. You could also say PR and affiliate (performance) marketing.


Owned Traffic

This is you foundation, your online hub, that is your website combined with your email list and SEO.


Earned Traffic

This is a gift that can go on giving. Links to your website act as ‘referral traffic.’ Because a website has linked to your website and a visitor has followed that link then that traffic is usually a good deal more qualified. That is ready to take an action; purchase, signup or share.


You can also include social sharing in this category.

Conversion Detectives Blending

What is the Most Important Source?

Best to think of traffic sources as a blend. Spread your budget and risk and blend your own mix. The channels fed off each other. For example Google Ads will give you keyword conversion rate. Can you use these keywords to create content?


Common Theme

All of your channels rely on one thing. Content. That’s anything that is entertaining or informative or answers every visitor’s question ‘What’s in it for me?’


Content is King, Queen and Joker

Everything, well almost everything comes back to content. It’s vital for Search Engines and for the visitor.


What sort of content should you produce? Original. That’s it. Original content.


Most everything in digital marketing is technique. It’s testing new ideas and measuring the best return.


But you are NOT going to succeed without original content. Marketing becomes so much easier when you have a reservoir of content for your web pages, your email and your ads.


But most importantly other websites will link to you. The links count as a vote in Google’s eyes AND that link will send interested traffic, that is segmented traffic that will more easily convert into sales or leads.

Conversion Detectives Blending

Time and Ideas

Spend regular time creating the original, fun, silly, informative and even controversial material. It will pay off.


Content Types

Of course, the written word, images and video count. But you can have more advanced content, automated emails, infographics, calculators and more will give you a better chance of success because you’ll be different from your competitor.


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