How to Do Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Content is such a daft jargon word. Anything that is entertaining or informative is content.

The most important thing to digest is ‘will this content lead to an action?’

At best you want someone to buy or signup but there are many more actions that are useful and many types of content.


Basic Content Types:

  • Copy
  • Images
  • Video
  • Gadget


Long form, an in depth article or white paper, or guide

Short form, a Facebook post or even a Tweet



Still images, GiFs (those little animations that loop) infographics, charts, product shots, lifestyle etc



Moving images that can be anything from three seconds to three minutes usually.


Content Marketing


Well, this is something like an online calculator that, for instance, lets you enter some information that results in an answer like a quote or shows you a saving.


That’s just the basics.


Where to Start with Content Marketing?

Well, write a list then research. Gather as many ideas as possible. Look at the keywords you type. When you do this in Google they produce ‘Searches related to…’ at the bottom of the search page.


Assemble for Categories

What do your ideas and keywords have in common? Can you create categories that the ideas and keywords fit into? Now you have an idea of how to categorise your website and your Content Calendar.

Content Marketing

Content Calendar

It varies by business but certainly you’re going to add the main holidays like Christmas. Sporting events if relevant and National Days eg National Curry Day. See Google Trends, below.



How much content can you honestly create per week? This is very important. Be realistic.


Time Bundle

Remember most websites will allow you to schedule posts and pages (eg WordPress websites). Facebook does to so you can write a lot of content in one sitting and schedule it for the week. This is your foundation. You will of course come across other opportunities from the news and the marketplace.

Content Marketing

Measure Your Content

What works ie what creates an action? A website visit, a like, a share, a comment are just as valuable as sale and the signup.



Is there any seasonality in your business? What is it? Not sure. Well, try for Google Trends. Choose your country and how far you want to go back. Enter your keywords and there you are the number of searches for that keyword phrase by month.


Original Content Always Wins

Content marketing is the core of digital marketing. Original content works for you online in so many different ways. This originality offers something unique for the people that will buy and outpace you from your competitors.


Originality is worth the investment. Everything else we do online is technique.



List three different pieces of content for your business. Is it original? What form will it take? Create the three pieces, publish and track.


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