How to Find Keywords for Digital Marketing Success

Posted on Oct 17, 2019 |

Keyword Research

Keywords Make Digital Marketing Work

Don’t get obsessed with keywords. Well, maybe just a bit. Because keywords underpin so much success online.


O’ and don’t rely on Google or general word finding tools. I’ve used many and none do the whole job.  Use a blend, your own searches and ask people so you can build your…


Keyword Library

Keep a spreadsheet of all your investigations.

You can start with The Google Keyword Tool contained in Google Ads.


Google Keyword Tool

Is great for volume when you start building a website and you are after organic (search) traffic. You can sort it (in a spreadsheet) by the volume of searches, competition and a suggested bid.


Google Ads

The key here is you need to do Google Ads with small groups of keywords. Have conversion tracking in place and link your Google Analytics.

Content Marketing


Well you will find the keywords that bring traffic to your website and buys.


A neat trick is to use the URL of a competitor in the keyword suggestions. You’ll see words that confirm you are on the right track and to be brutally honest a lot of rubbish.



People Make Words

Ask people. If you do one thing ask the people you know, or if you’re not shy ask anyone which phrases they would search for if you asked them to buy or if they were researching a product or service.


Pay particular attention to words with ‘intent.’ That is, in the main, buying intent. So ‘buy a puppy’ is likely to be of more use and profitable than a general ‘cute puppies.’


Amazon for Keywords with Intent

Amazon is another good way of finding keywords with intent.  People on Amazon are buying, researching is secondary, so type in your product and see how Amazon search auto completes. Type a space then an ‘a’, then repeat with a ‘b’ and repeat.


If you’re advertising on Amazon then look at the reviews for your competitors for keywords customers have used.

Content Marketing

The Phrase Match

The most profitable keyword I’ve been party to was a phrase match used on Amazon search. It outperformed all the other carefully researched keywords by a factor of eleven. It was simple ‘[PRODUCT NAME] for…’



The Brand Term

Always, always, always advertise on your brand terms.  A lot of customers don’t know that that term with your ad at the top of the search page is an advert (60%).


You’ll also find if you do a lot of email marketing that suddenly your ads are getting a lot of clicks. Because customers won’t click on a link they’ll search on the brand term and click on the first thing they see.



SEO and Keywords

Where you place a keyword on the page is important and also in the Meta Title, experiment with different combinations and see which improves your ranking in search.



Internal Search on Your Website

Which phrases are visitors looking for and not finding? Add content for that word and think how else can you use that search, an email subject line? A video? Or just an addition to an FAQ?


Content Marketing

Keywords for Voice

Getting a lot of keyword phrases appearing that are five words or longer? Might be voice. Again worth adding these to your FAQ. You want to write as people speak, so say the copy out loud. Does it sound like someone talking?



Favourite Chrome / Firefox Tool

If you’re using Chrome install Keyword Everywhere. Now when you do these searches you’ll see Keywords Everywhere returning searches by month and a suggested bid (I’d say this is very broad but worth using to give you an idea of the value of the phrase).



Good Old Google

Everyone knows this. Type in your keyword and take note of the suggested searches. Search and check the suggested searches at the bottom of the page.


Content Marketing

Google Search Console

I’ve used this so many times to build categories for websites. Categories of information that equate with your market segments and if you’re into that sort of thing, marketing persona.




Install Keywords Everywhere. Go to your website and choose ‘Analyze Page’. Now choose ‘Show only Three Word Phrases’. What do you see? Will potential customers search on these terms? Do they have intent?

You can also try ‘Four Word Phrases. Try it on a websites that outrank your site in Google. Can you create content for these phrases?


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