Understanding Digital Marketing

Understanding Digital Marketing

There is so much to understanding digital marketing. Where do you start?

Below are 10 ideas to equip you with an understanding of the building blocks to using digital marketing for your business.


  • The first secret of digital marketing is people
  • What is ‘The Hub’ in digital marketing?
  • Not all website traffic is created equal
  • SEO is simple and continuous
  • Analytics for action


  • Is social media just vanity?
  • 5 simple things to try in digital marketing
  • Do Google Ads Work?
  • How to do Content Marketing
  • What should I know about keywords?


10 Ideas, 10 Actions


Digital Marketing is About PeopleThe first secret of digital marketing is people

We see digital marketing as divorced from people. We talk about the stats, the visitor’s and the followers.

Well, I say the most important aspect of working in online marketing is seeing the people behind the analytics.

Analytics tells you what people are doing, not why they are doing it.

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Digital Marketing HubWhat is ‘The Hub’ in digital marketing?

What is the most important part of your online presence?

It’s the website isn’t it? Well, it’s your website and your email list combined. That’s the ‘Hub.’

You have the most control over your website and a direct relationship with your people on email

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Not all website traffic is created equal

There is a simple way to divide the traffic to your website. Well, a different way to look at traffic, which enables a focus on profit.

All traffic channels need their original content



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Search Engine OptimisationSEO is simple and continuous

Search Engine Optimisation has a VERY bad press. I’m not surprised.

There are a lot of people who will tell you they can get you to the top of Google easily and quickly.

It’s not that easy BUT it is important.

Know the basics of SEO and profit from your content marketing

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Digital Marketing AnalyticsAnalytics for action

When I started in digital marketing I took analytics to mean ‘truth.’ Well, all analytics and the stats they take should be taken with a pinch of salt.

It’s not the software’s fault. It’s just analytics providers portray themselves as accurate and they are, but only to a degree.

Is it an interesting stat’ or one I can take action from?


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Social Marketing StatsIs social media just vanity?

So, now you have a lot of followers on your social media channels. Are they doing anything or is it just the big number you want?

What is your social following doing, if anything?



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Simple Digital Marketing5 simple things to try in digital marketing

You learn so much when you work in digital marketing everyday. You learn what doesn’t work and you learn simple things that do.

Test your digital marketing ideas systematically



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How to do Google AdsDo Google Ads work?

Yes and in more than one-way. Here’s some basic information to arm you with when talking with a PPC agency and why else ads are vital for content marketing.

Always be testing your ads



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Content MarketingHow to do content marketing

Content is entertainment or information. It should always answer the one question each person has on visiting your website “What’s in it for me?”



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What should I know about keywords?

Keywords underpin digital marketing. They are not the Holy Grail but a starting point to be used in conjunction with the rest of the digital marketing ‘stack.’

Build a keyword library for continuous content

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