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Digital Marketing Analytics

When you first start using digital marketing analytics you’re mind is going to get fried. A lot of the stats will look great. At last you can see what your marketing is doing.


Don’t Trust Them

That’s a bit extreme I know. Perhaps it would be better to say take every statistic with ‘a pinch of salt’.


Google Analytics

Is it 100%? I doubt it. You will see a green shield with a tick on it at the top of the page. So, Google is saying ‘yes’ this is accurate. The only way to check is to have some secondary analytics on your website.


Analytics Never Add Up

They don’t there will always be some difference. If you know that the difference is then you can factor it in. We’re sure this stat is 20% out and always will be.


You’ll see this a lot when you have Google Analytics on a Shopify store and then you add Facebook stats. In cases like this the true value is going to be seen in your payment gateway, like Stripe or in your accounts like Xero. That’s where the money is.

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Tracking is Difficult

Well, it is. Google is poor when tracking on mobile. Email analytics has its challenges especially on mobile devices and even more on Android because it blocks image download as a default. It is very difficult. Just as long as you know.


Lies, Damn Lies and Facebook Video Stats

The other factor is always ask is this stat really true? What is the stat based on? Facebook analytics are going to tell you that all is well and that post did VERY well. You’ve had xx% engagement.


Well, is it xx% engagement? It is in Facebook’s algorithm. So, what is engagement? True Engagement to me is an action has been taken. Take Facebook, that is reach divided by number of reaction, number of Shares, Number of Comments.

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Quick Guide to Stats

  • Hits: ignore this. It’s used by network managers (every ‘hit’ is a different element in a page). Which means a visitor can come to a page and create multiple ‘hits.’
  • Impressions:  Just means the page has appeared in a browser. Doesn’t mean an action has taken place.
  • Views: Means a page has been viewed but the same person can have viewed the page more than once (instead look at unique page views).
  • Unique Visitors. A good one as that’s the number of individuals who have visited.
  • Plays (video): Well Facebook is saying that is three seconds. Rubbish (better to look at minutes played if tracking video success).


  • Bounce Rate: The percentage of people who looked at the page and then left (not always bad, people might just want a contact phone number).


Analytics Action

What action can I take from this statistic? That’s the question to ask first. Can I take an action from this information? If not then what can I do with this?

Perhaps nothing. Perhaps something? So, do note statistics that don’t lead to action they may be useful or lead to action at a later date.



Look at a Facebook engagement stat. Now divide that reach by Reactions, Shares and Comments. Looks different I bet.


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