The Digital Marketing ‘Hub’

Posted on Oct 7, 2019 |

Digital Marketing Hub

What is the most important part of your online presence?

It’s the website isn’t it? Well, it’s your website and your email list combined. That’s the ‘Hub.’


Why is the Hub Important?

Because you have the greatest control over your website and your email list.


Paid Advertising

Paid advertising works. It should be a part of your digital marketing tactics. But it comes at a cost. Not just the pounds but also the time and expertise it needs to do correctly.


Use it

Yes. Use PPC advertising AND gather the data. That is the keywords you pay for, which of them convert into sales? The information for Google Ads is gold dust. Because you can start building content on your website that attracts traffic for those keywords that convert.

Website Basics to Make Sure…

  • Make sure your website is fast
  • Make sure it works well on all screen sizes
  • Make sure it works on all the major browsers
  • Make sure you and only you have access to the domain name
  • Make sure your security is top notch

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Content is King, Queen and Joker

You can put any form of content on your website. There’s no one telling you what you can and cannot publish. You can analyse what works and what doesn’t.


Search Engine Optimisation

You can tinker with the meta data, the words you see when you find your website in Google. Tweaks here can pay dividends. Again no one saying you can or cannot do that.


Links and Referrers

You put original content on your website and optimise it. That’s the foundation of the hub. Great content will attract more searches, lifting you up the Google search page. Other websites will start to link to yours. Google loves these links (or votes) and those links will bring people who are part qualified for your business.

So, your website content and SEO is cheaper to create and control.

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The Email List

With email you have a direct relationship with your customers.

You’re not going through social networks. Social can still work but the days of reaching a lot of people without paying on Facebook is a distant memory.

Use social and paid ads to build your email list. Don’t like what the email platform is giving you, then move. It is very easy.

When you have a fair sized email list you can start testing what makes your people buy. You can test subject lines, offers, frequency, time of day and many other factors. Find the most responsive aspects.


Email List Freshness

Keep topping up the email list. Do some ads, collect emails at events (but ALWAYS get the prospective people to double opt in).


The Hub Wins

Because you’ve reduced your reliance on paying for other people to find you customer.

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The Email List as a Reminder Service

I’ve noticed that email converts at a very high rate BUT it isn’t the whole story.  When an email goes out you’ll notice an increase in traffic and sales from other channels.


You’ll see people coming from search and from ads. Why? Well, the email reminded them. They might not open the email (in fact a lot won’t) but they’ll be reminded and search for your website. They’ll click on your ads (60% of Google users don’t realise that the top slots are ads).



Have your website audited by a professional.


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