Why you need a Compost Heap to be more Creative

Posted on Feb 19, 2021 |

Make Your Business Different

Not a compost heap literally, nope that would be a mite mad. You know, popping out to the compost heap for a chat about being more creative.


It’s a Metaphor you see…

For your mind. We all have wonderful ideas then find they don’t fit. That’s a real b***er.

William Faulkner, the writer said ‘Murder your darlings.’ That is kill off these wonderful ideas that don’t fit into your prose.



You don’t have to murder them. O’ no, you can put them to the back of your mind, your compost heap. Leave them there. Better still, keep a diary of all your fantastic ideas that don’t fit. Go back to them every so often and chew them over and then dismiss.

If you like, use an app or an online tool like Trello. Note them well. Because they will come back when appropriate. They will also fit effortlessly into your current project. I bet ya!

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Being Creative Means Letting go…sometimes

Sometimes you let go, sometimes you ‘dog it’ out. You know show how stubborn you are, a bit of graft doesn’t hurt. But if you get to the stage where you say to yourself, ‘well it sort of fits’ then it’s time to deposit ‘Mr G. Idea’ on the compost heap.

It’s not wasted. It may come back fully formed, or come back to be adapted as you have something that compliments it.


Writing Plays

So, just before the first lockdown I’d finished writing a trilogy of full-length plays based on movie genres. Very proud I was, started sending them out. Ah! Here’s lockdown. What to do?

I know. I’ll write a novel, never done that before. Anyway, making the story short. I decided to write three short stories into one story, with some narrators and publish it on Kindle for Amazon. I thought a) can I write prose b) I’ll learn something about publishing on Amazon?


And Lo!

An idea for one of the short stories came to me. It was the plot of a sitcom I wrote for a competition many years ago. It didn’t work. The premise was good but it never took off. Until I started this story, it must be ten years since I put it away. And there, there, on the page a story took place. Now that story (and the feedback was great) wouldn’t have arrived like a bottle of chilled beer on a summer’s day if I hadn’t have put it on my compost heap and mulled it over every so often.


You Are Your Own Medicine

Compost heaps work. Give it a go. If it works for you then it can be added to ‘Your Medicine’ that is a collection of tools, ideas and notes you make about your own creativity.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing & Mashups Galore

A compost heap is relevant for creative writing and also for business. I mean, business is about ideas isn’t it? It’s not about following, it’s not about Googling, it’s not about listening to some self-appointed expert (like me). Business and digital marketing are crying out for the original. That’s the only thing that makes you different.


Impressions, Click Through and Reach

Well, this is all changing, getting less, paying more for your digital marketing so you’ll have to be in front of the herd leading and the way you do that is with creative thought, graft and bravery. That will make your business different.


Make it Formal

‘Right then! I’ll put that in my compost heap.’ After awhile, there are many great ideas without a home, competing with each other, nudging themselves into first place and drifting away again. Those ideas will come back, at the best possible moment and you’ll be surprised / delighted.



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