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Posted on Jan 27, 2020 |

Content marketing is the basis of most of what you do online. Social marketing is to a large degree about content. How else are you going to get your followers and fans engaged? How important is content marketing branding? 

A client told me this one, a meeting for a potential client at the agency. What could possible go wrong?

The client explains the demographic that product is aimed at and the ‘social marketing expert’ declares it too green and the branding should all be about pink.

This was from a female ‘social media expert’. The clients aimed at were going to be female as well.


Where’s The Data Then?

Opinion or data? I have an opinion and you have an opinion. I’m saying ‘well it should be pink you know, that appeals to girls.’ O’ yes and boys love dinosaurs so let’s make the logo a Velociraptor holding a laser blaster.’

Opinions, experience and gut instinct are all good but if your content marketing relies on changing the branding colour on Instagram Stories you are not helping.

If you said 52% of girls in that age group like pink, then we can have a conversation.

I’d still tell you to get on your bike because colour and colour science isn’t going to help.

I can see some colours working better than others. I can point at greater engagement for some colours on Facebook. Yellow.



Well, it was a series of posts using eggs therefore yellow is a good colour for that demographic.

Really? No. Not enough data but it was a starting point. Yellow contrasts with the blue on Facebook.

O’ and there’s 3 million colour blind people in the UK (4.5% of the population)*.

POW Content Marketing

Perhaps they just like eggs?

That’s my thinking too. We did a lot of content with eggs in and you know what followers really liked it. They liked it because it was food. People like food.


Online Marketing

Is about data but first you need ideas. Lots of them. OK, we’ll try pink in some of the content marketing. Because that’s the joy of online marketing. You can test it.

If you have the data then use it but bear in mind your demographic are people and people do their own thing. You also have to be wary of your own opinion and what you take from other people’s experience with content marketing. Take for example the idea of adding the stars from reviews to your ad content.


Add Reviews to Your Ads

It’s a sign of confidence isn’t it? Such and such had a xx% uplift in enquires because they tested ads with reviews and ads without reviews.

I talked to a client about this. They did a Facebook A / B test and you know what the ads without reviews performed better.

Digital Marketing in Hertfordshire


The demographic doesn’t like the hard sell. They’ll make up their own mind.

So, whatever content you come up with. Start with the data. THEN the opinion. Then test. Your demographic is people. Let them decide what works.


‘Brothers and Sisters “Amen!”’


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*source: Colour Blind Awareness

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