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Posted on Nov 25, 2019 |

Not many people know that I write comedy, surreal and rather silly stuff when I’m not turning the digital millstone.

I came across transmedia storytelling


What jargon is this you say?


Multi Platforms

O’ it means telling a story across multiple platforms using different formats.

Well, you can imagine as a writer involved in digital marketing this filled my brain with oodles of ideas.


Game of Thrones Rip Off

I went along to Elstree two summers ago to see a fascinating talk by the maker of Conducttr, a ‘mixed reality’ platform.

During the talk he gave an example. Studio Canal in Spain wanted to gain younger viewers for one of their channels.


Treasure Trail

They used Conducttr to set up a treasure trail culminating in a live event. The treasure trail ranged across all the digital channels, used text, live actors on the phone, recorded messages and even QR codes in their equivalent of WH Smiths.

Content Marketing

Transmedia Storytelling & Digital Marketing

I’m still processing but you know when one idea leads to another and then another one jumps onto the back of your head and nags you?


Multi Digital Sitcoms

I’ve been working a piece of fun, which is an infographic. The infographic shows the meaning of people’s Linkedin headlines, you know the sort of thing:

Joe Shmo’ ‘Disrupter & Trail Blazer’

Jane X ‘ Thought Leader & Firestarter’


What if?

Still the most creative phrase you’ll ever going to use. I thought ‘What if these Linkedin headlines are persona’. What if they had an online life, social profiles, emailing each other etc and they were attempting to start a business?

Just a feint idea at the moment.

Content Marketing

Persona’s or Characters

Persona marketing is a very useful way of segmenting your customers.  You can give each persona a name, like Sarah. Sarah is 26 lives at home, likes eating out and buys on value for money.

That’s a character. That’s more than a persona.


Stories Work

We all love a good story. We do. We tell mini stories, anecdotes, we have running commentaries on everything from the neighbours dog to the places not to go on holiday.

What if I took this idea and mapped on a client’s need for branding, reach and sales. You know, created a mini online fictional world with a story for these characters / personas?

Well, I’m excited and I have an idea in the pipeline to demonstrate the power of transmedia storytelling.


Drop me a line if you’re interested.


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