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We’re Conversion Detectives and we are a transmedia marketing agency based in the UK. We believe that your business has to be unique and one method is transmedia storytelling.


Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling is simply telling a story, creating an experience, across multiple platforms like Facebook and TikTok using a variety of content ideas.


Transmedia Storytelling Example

Not long ago I attended an event hosted by Creative England at Elstree Studios attended by a software company called Conducttr.

The storytelling campaign example they used was commissioned by StudioCanal in Spain and aimed at promoting one of their television stations to a younger audience.

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How Does a Transmedia Marketing Campaign Work?

This example of storytelling was a competition. The campaign was based on (well, ripped off) Game of Thrones. The winner was crowned the ‘King’ or ‘Queen’ at a live event.

To enter the participant would call a phone number. A pre-recorded clue was given. That clue led to a social profile, again another clue and so on. The person had to follow a trail across the Internet and in shops where one clue was in the form of a Quick Response (QR) code, which had to be scanned.

Actors, blog posts, Twitter, Instagram, in fact anything online and offline can be used to create an experience for a business. Even live role-playing actors can be commissioned.

The imagination is the only limit to transmedia storytelling for brand promotion.


How do Transmedia Marketing Strategies Work?

We’d start by getting to know your audience and what makes them want to buy. We’ll create buying persona. These people, your prospects and customers, would be formed into persona that the campaign would be focused on to encourage engagement, brand awareness and purchases.

There’s a lot more to it than that!


The Story is Everything

What is the story? People love stories. People spread the word when a story attracts them. What if the story is fun? What if you left a trail across the Internet and you incentivised that trail? So much to ponder…

Including a sense of belonging to the tribe, the community created through a shared experience (story).

We’d then create a marketing plan (SOSTAC, see below).

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Creative Conversion Detectives

Conversion Detectives was set up to be a creative digital marketing agency. I’m a writer with tv credits and an ex performer in physical theatre. Amongst our team we have three professional actors, a top-notch designer and a professional musician / composer.


Originality Wins

Everyone is doing the same thing. How often have you seen transmedia storytelling being used to promote a brand?

A lot of digital marketing is technique, from SEO to Pay Per Click. What it and organic search needs is the original and that’s what we do. We generate ideas and make those ideas into compelling and fun campaigns.

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White Label Comedy Partnership

Conversion Detectives are partnered with White Label Comedy. An established agency that uses a ‘hive mind’ of comedy writers for original and funny content.


Marketing Plan (SOSTAC)

When you’re happy with the ideas we create then we’ll provide a full SOSTAC marketing plan.

  • Situation
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Actions
  • Control


Where is the business now?


Where does the business want to go?


How are you going to get there? The big idea. The story.


The details of the strategy.


What we actually need to do to make this happen, by when and by who?


The people, the budget and how you are going to measure success.


What Makes Conversion Detectives Different?

If you want to be different, make an impact and increase your influence, brand awareness and revenue contact us for a no obligation chat.

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Picture Credit: Jan Tinneberg, Unsplash

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