On Being Creative, Are You A True Creative?

Posted on Jan 18, 2021 |

Everyone is Creative

“Everyone is creative.” My daughter said to me on the way to school. She was around fourteen.

“But not everyone is a true creative darling. You are a true creative.”


The True Creative

What’s that? True creatives see a blank page, canvas, computer screen and they rub their hands ‘What is this going to be?’

A lot of people are frightened by the ‘blank.’ Ten years is what it took me to get to ‘what’s it going to be’ stage? That’s not an exaggeration. Ten years of graft and stubbornness before I came to that warm feeling when I sat down to write.

Everyone is creative. Taking a different route to work, adding mustard to your lunchtime sarnie, all creative. But this isn’t something from nothing. O’, blending or refining what exists can be highly creative and fun.


Online Guru’s and The Awful Power of Google

‘I’ll Google it.’ BANG! Here we go ’64 Creative Marketing Ideas…’ So, your idea of creativity is to copy someone else and their well optimised article on Google?’ Could be a starting point, then again it might be what everyone else is copying.

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Copying & Learning

We learn through copying. You can learn technique by copying but original thought? That’s something you will only find for yourself. Only you can be the ‘true creative’ and that doesn’t come from Google.

Google search can be a fantastic tool but it is also a place of the rogue leading the blind to blandness.

Learn for yourself. Keep a journal of what makes you attain that originality of the ‘true creative.’


Why Be a True Creative?

Because the world needs originality, we need the new, we need fun and we need stories.


Digital Marketing & Creativity

I see lots of wonderful creative stuff online. But there’s not enough of it and you need it.

Because digital marketing tactics, from search optimisation to email, from conversion optimisation to paid advertising need content and that content is what makes the difference. That difference, we’ll call it ‘attention’ or ‘awareness’ makes profit. Remember the sole purpose of marketing is to make money.

On the way you’ll want to start with creating awareness, you’ll want people to consider and then purchase. This is the only marketing ‘model’ worth thinking about.

Of course, you’ll want to progress this as a virtuous cycle by gaining repeat purchases, loyalty and evangelism for your products and brand. That too can be done with creativity and one other thing.

POW Content Marketing


That’s it. So much drivel is spawned by marketeers. Marketeers up their own Linkedin headline ‘Top 30 at 20 in the Gorilla Food Industry.’ Whatever.


Divorced from People

So, you look at your Google Analytics and you see visitors are staying on a certain page for a lot less than you would have thought. Why’s that? Well, ask them. There are plenty of tools. ‘Visitors’ are not a nameless stat’ in an analytical tool. They are, that’s right. People like you and me.

Think about people. Think creatively. Tell stories.

Become a ‘true creative’ and help make the online world a better place.


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