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A short course on my favourite digital marketing skill, the client and all the dumb stuff spouted by the cliché ‘mavericks’, the gurus of copying others, and those with a desire to impose self on others when their knowledge is poor and their humanity is not yet engaged.

Quite a sentence. I’m sure I should have used a semi-colin in the sentence somewhere, sorry, a semi-colon. Knew a semi-Colin once, but this is a PG Parental Guidance only post.


Listening is Intelligence Learning

I came across a ‘fact’ the other day saying that 80% of our learning comes through the eyes. So, what are blind people doing? Where did this stat come from? Why on earth bother with it? We don’t fit into neat containers, do we? Listening is so much more than you think.

Well, you can learn from most things, most people, even if you are not fond of them.


Showing up and Attending

When you listen, by which I mean you ‘attend’ a conversation it’s not just sound waves going down your ear hole, you are attending that person, what is unsaid, where the passion comes from, what you can learn, what you can add this conversation to?

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You make connections, interest turns into action, whether it’s an idea to add to another or putting this person in touch with someone else as the two complement one another. All if you shut up and listen, unless the person is an energy drain. That is someone that just erupts with nonsense about themselves and have a less than humane outlook on the world.


Listening in Digital Marketing | Part I | The Client

I listen for their triggers. What excites them? What makes them human? Most of all, I listen for their passion. I’m not going into what shuts down my listening. I will just say the word ‘interesting’ comes into it.


I note stuff as I listen. I listen for patterns. I listen for repetition. I listen for something I don’t know, or fully understand. Patterns in conversation are fascinating. As someone that writes, I love to pepper my work with subtext. The writing exists on its own. But if you are clued in, then the subtext will entertain, surprise and make you feel good. Repetition? Well, that’s important, it’s a key to their values and the direction they want to take.

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Listening in Digital Marketing | Part II | Tools

There are many, many digital marketing tools for ‘listening’ to the audience, the market or the customer. I’ve never got on with those that proport to tell you what people are saying. I’d rather use feedback / survey tools and devices.

So many tools, so much confusion. Insights come from you, not the tool, the majority just end up confusing you. Listen and attend for the best possible marketing ideas.


Ask yourself:

Does this ‘insight’ create an action that will either create awareness, consideration or purchase? If the answer is ‘no.’ Then be aware of it and file it under ‘interesting.’

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Listen to others (panel data), gain consensus or that little jolt of ‘I didn’t think of that.’ Now take those ideas from listening and test. Did any of those ideas create greater awareness (and engagement) or more visitors considering (signing up to an email list say) or buying the product / service? This will lead to original content marketing.


Know nothing and listen.


So be it,


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