Digital Marketing in 2022 – Godzilla and the Sushi

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Why are marketing people full of redundant complexities?

When I say redundant, I’m aiming at those who pursue a strategy that has had its time. Marketeers, some anyway, pursue something because they lack imagination, knowledge and a realistic view of the digital world. Complexities? Well, they make them because they know little and repeat much.

You could be like Godzilla finding a nice bit of sushi…

Here’s what I see working with a range of clients in a variety of marketplaces.

We’ll look at:

  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Google / Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing


  • Content Marketing
  • Social Marketing

And the Gaps you can now exploit.

Search Engine Optimisation in 2022

I’m no SEO expert. I understand the basics and a bit more. I’m no SEO guru, those people, the real ones are expensive.

Some of my clients still find plenty of traffic (and sales) via organic traffic and some less to due to Google. I could be cynical about the world of Google but I won’t…wait! I will later in this piece.

SEO is a foundation of a website. What does it need?

a) The basics, how to write up an article, for visitors AND be aware of what Google dictates as the winning formula. Always write for visitors but be aware of the Google E.A.T. model (look it up or ask me)

b) Content Marketing. Essentially all we do online is about content from micro copy (that’s the handful of words you see over a button, or the button itself). Copy like Free shipping when you spend £xx.xx. Long form copy that interests and encourages visitors to read, bookmark or link to.

c) Originality. Yes, you can curate (collect) other people’s content. That’s fine and worthwhile but what you really have to create is stuff people want to read and that involves storytelling technique and emotional copy. Ask me, it’s one thing I do among many other things good people.

SEO is a part of what you do and unless you have a budget that would make ‘El Musk’ blush you’re get a fair return. So, keep it up in 2022.

Godzilla Marketing

Google Ads / Facebook Ads 2022

My clients have had a lot of success with paid advertising. But one thing keeps cropping up and that is bidding on your own brand terms. Is it worth it? Is it worth it to protect your brand? Moot point. I’m currently about to test this with a brand I support. A HUGE amount of money has been spent. Yet, due to the SEO work done (an here I’m also talking about tagging images, video on YouTube and social profiles) they dominate for their main terms, misspellings and sub terms / product terms.

My hypothesise is they will gain back budget to spend on something more worthwhile.

I’m basing this on an admirable article by Rand Fishkin where he states:

[major advertising networks] …know that the degree to which ads impact behavior is small, but the degree to which ads can get credit for conversions is large.

You can read the whole article here

Email Marketing in 2022

I’m going to sing my usual tune here. Email lists are your treasure at the end of the rainbow. Do all you can to build that list. Direct engagement with your clients / customers and potential clients / customers is what you want.

Open rate low but sales up. Surely it’s not the email list. Yes it is. How can I say that? Well, I’ve seen it often. Email’s are a reminder service. Subscribers, a lot of them, aren’t going to click on those tracking links. They are going to use a bookmark, they are going to pop your brand name into search or a link on your social profiles will get clicked.

Build your lists in 2022. Segment as much as possible.

Is it worth sending a ‘gift’ if you’ve trapped their birthdate? I don’t know. Test it for yourself.

Video Marketing

Just gets more important and there’s more than one reason and more than one way you can use video marketing. Just make it quality, make it interesting. You may get wider reach on social but the boon comes in a YouTube channel (which needs work and time) and another platform for your website.

You know the stats and you know Google owns this behemoth. Well, YouTube videos have a better chance of showing up in Google Search. While having another platform for your website (Vimeo and Wistia spring to mind) means keeping the traffic on your website for some time a big plus for your website going up the rankings.

Vimeo & Wistia
If you have the budget go for Wistia, lots of features while Vimeo is great if you are budget poor.

Godzilla Marketing

Content Marketing in 2022

It’s not going to change. Be original, be bold. Invest in the best video people. Invest in a writer, plan and test, plan and test, then plan some more and use the stats to guide you to more and more quality stories.

Social Marketing in 2022

Well, it’s not going to change…Wait! Tik Tok is here. Well worth checking out. Might not be your demographic but dip a toe in because a) lots of reach if you get the content right b) it has a very slick interface for ads…

Reading The Gaps in Your Business (finding the sushi)

OK. Now for you to have a think about your:

  • SEO
  • Google / Facebook Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Marketing

Find the Sushi
All of the above can be tracked in some form. OK. Content marketing is a bit different but it can be done if you put the work in. That tasty morsel can be savoured when you find it.

Benchmark your stats on a weekly basis in conjunction with your business targets and KPI’s. Look for where the revenue is coming from.

Now. Where is the growth going to come from? One clue. There is no ‘magic channel’ some will work better than others and be more profitable. Is there a pattern? What can you use from one to improve the other? Another clue, think keywords.

My thought is you’ll find it is more likely a combination that works for your business. Which is the most profitable combination?

Now. You have an idea you can create:

a) The overall strategy
b) The tactics (That’s the details of your strategy)
c) The actions that bring the tactics into play
d) Control, a simple spreadsheet that tracks it all, controlling budget, people and time

I do hope this is of use. This article can shortcut a lot of moribund advice from some you’ll meet on your digital marketing journey.

Be a sea monster…

Drop me a line if you think I can help find the sushi.

Stay safe,

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