Digital Marketing Strategy for Business Owners

Digital Marketing Strategy for Business Owners

Being a Business Owner is Certainly Tough

Where do you start with digital marketing? What is important and what is not important? How do you make sure your budget is spent wisely? Which direction do you take? What is the digital marketing strategy for business  owners? Is it always the same?


Where is the biggest return?

We’ll make digital marketing work for your business. See our client listing and case studies; businesses we’ve already helped with their direction.

100% of Statistics…
Are useless unless they lead to an action. Because action means profit.


Strategy, Tactics and Actions

We pull all the different threads of online marketing into a coherent strategy. We break down the strategy into tactics and the tactics into actions.

3 Digital Growth Modules for Business Owners

  • Online Audit & Deduction Report
  • Customer Research, Actions and Testing
  • Digital Growth Module, The Virtuous Cycle

Customer plans for Business Growth Online are available


Online Audit & Deduction Report

We look at your entire online presence. We’ll also look at what you need and what you don’t need to succeed online, thus saving money.


Customer Research, Actions and Testing

This module dives into what your potential and existing customers want. We ask them why?
Together we create hypotheses that we then test. We do this on a weekly or monthly basis.


Digital Growth Module, The Virtuous Cycle for Business

We become a part of your company culture. We use a dashboard specific to your business to gather data, what’s working and what is not. A virtuous cycle of learning and growing.

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