Artificial Intelligence isn’t a Magic Bullet for Digital Marketing

Posted on Dec 1, 2023 |

Why are you looking for a ‘magic bullet for your marketing?’ You’re as likely to find a unicorn in a gold mine and win the lottery. Artificial Intelligence isn’t a magic bullet that will solve your digital marketing and make your business grow.


In this observation of A.I.

  • The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of A.I.
  • Get Rich Quick
  • Ask Yourself About Online Tools
  • How Does the Tool Work?
  • Scraping Email Addresses Consequences


  • Conclusion: What Does Work Jim?


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of A.I.

The good is multiple for A.I. in the fields of science, especially medicine (making lives better and saving lives). The bad and the ugly fall into ‘offers’ of automated marketing. In the last few weeks, I’ve been flooded with ‘cold’ or ‘spam’ emails. These have come from a multitude of chancers, not marketers. Often the same email format, many with the same offer of a video overview of my website.


What they all have in common, I believe, is the use of an A.I. tool. A tool that ruins the Internet and lives. Yes. They are that bad. These cold A.I.-based emails fill the email channel with rubbish I and you don’t want.

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Get Rich Quick

Anyone, that falls for a get-rich-quick scheme is either an idiot or naive. Why do you fall for this? Is it pure greed, is it laziness, is it ignorance? There’s nothing wrong with ignorance if you acknowledge you don’t know something you can do something about it, that’s learn.


New tech and Software as a Service (SAS) come in waves. There are multiple tools out there that are of use. You just have to…


Ask Yourself About Online Tools

What action can I take from this knowledge? What action will lead to creating more Awareness for my business, what action will Convince a prospect, and which action will encourage a prospect to Purchase?


If the tool provides no action, then bin it. O’, you’ve found something interesting but no action? Well, put that at the back of your mind, it may become useful.


How Does the Tool Work?

A short time ago, I was introduced to an A.I. tool that it was said would revolutionise my digital marketing. The tool would create many, many leads. How does that work I asked.


The tool goes through LinkedIn and identifies people and conversations for your keywords. Then it exports these ‘leads’ into your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.


Well, that explains all the sh**e emails I’m getting. “So, it scrapes LinkedIn and exports a list?” “Yes.”


Well, blow me down with a GDPR fan.


This is why our digital lives are challenged. I don’t believe the users of these tools are to blame, they’re being sold ‘snake oil’ by the A.I. marketing tool makers. These A.I. Tool makers are chancers. Their motivation is greed. I’m all for people making a living, a comfortable living at that. These ‘tools’ don’t care for your business, they just care for lots of money for the sake of having lots of money or… O’, what’s GDPR got to do with it?

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Scraping Email Addresses Consequences


ICO Office and GDPR

The ICO’s powers under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) which cover nuisance marketing include issuing fines of up to £500,000. It can also apply for court orders for winding up companies and, by working closely with partners, get directors disqualified.

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Conclusion: What Does Work Jim?


Don’t be fooled by an A.I. tool that seems too good to be true (save you time, make you money), because blah, blah, blah, it is too good to be true. O’, and if you are like me, treat these ‘tools’ with a raised eyebrow, and a quick sneer and move on to what works in digital marketing.


You may not like this (if you’re looking for that unicorn in a goldmine) but graft is one element, the second is knowledge (asking the right questions) and the third is stubbornness (trial and error and never giving up your testing)



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