Is Digital Marketing Just About Making Money?

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Erm… not quite.

Don’t get lost in the marketing funnel of some second-rate chancer and marketing ‘guru’. Just because they have a presence online doesn’t make them any good.

When I’m asked what digital marketing is for? I reply, “To make money.” We lose sight of the simple and complicate matters by diving into all the different digital traffic channels hoping for the best.

It’s only simple when you know what you are doing.


Digital Marketing is also about saving money

I have a client that was spending £300+ per month on a listing on various ‘directories’, I won’t say which but it rhymes with ‘bell.’

A waste, a terrible waste of money. I looked into the stats and… well. An easy budget requirement to shed. The budget was put to better use (growing a Facebook page).

Conversion Detectives make businesses money but we also save it by researching and asking questions about data. Does this pay for itself? Does it convert in leads, sales, brand awareness, and word-of-mouth?

Almost all parts of digital marketing can be assessed by the ‘conversion value.’

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Stats That Make Action

Conversion optimisation is about converting more of your traffic into leads, sales or subscriptions. This sum can also be applied to other factors in digital marketing. Is the expense of keeping a social profile been worthwhile? Is the content creating ‘engagement?’

Is what we spend on email marketing resulting in consideration? Take a look at your other traffic channels after an email send. Does the website receive more traffic? Is that traffic converting?

The problem with stats is they are all very interesting but which can you take action from as they are not 100% accurate?

Use tracking codes in your links for accurate reporting. Wait! People don’t always click on the links. Check your traffic sources for uplift after an email goes out.

Take action from stats that you can verify from more than one source.


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