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We’re Conversion Detectives and we are a small business marketing agency based in Hertfordshire developing marketing strategy for a range of clients in the UK and beyond.


Why Small Business Marketing?

Growth. Working with a small business is all about growth. We’ll help in organising and focusing the digital marketing plan to use people, budget and time efficiently.

We’ll have a chat with you and find out what you want and what you need. It’s all about collaboration.

Marketing makes money. That’s all it’s for and not marketing for marketing’s sake.


The Bottom Line

Most of what we do for small business can be measured. Analytics programmes will report on ad spend, the amount of visitors and engagement.

We won’t focus on the ‘vanity stats’ that is the number of followers or visitors. We’ll focus on ‘true engagement’, which are your visitors or followers performing an action.

POW Content Marketing

Your Brand

What counts are sales and sale leads. That’s the most important stat. But getting to that stat involves other stats.

This is the most basic marketing model:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase


Measuring awareness includes monitoring the amount of searches for your brand terms.


This is where engagement measurement comes in. This includes time on a product page etc.


The main one. How many sales, what are the margins, what is the Advertising Cost of Sale? There’s a whole lot more but we’re going to track everything that makes a difference to your business.


Splat Content Marketing

Small Business Planning

We’ll come up with a plan (SOSAC, see below), after auditing your current online presence.


Walking in the Customer’s Shoes

We’ll perform all the actions that need to be measured, from using a contact form to making a purchase.

We’ll identify your customer persona and research their motivations. We’ll turn that into emotionally driven sales copy and content.


Content Marketing Plan

Most of digital marketing involves technique. From Google Ads to Search Engine Optimisation, that’s technical knowledge. What will make you stand out is original and creative content. We’ll help you find and test the content that works for your small business.


Marketing Plan – SOSTAC Overview

SOSTAC is a marketing plan model. It’s a great way to build the foundation of your marketing efforts.

What it is:

  • Situation
  • Objectives
  • Strategy
  • Tactics
  • Actions
  • Control


Where is the business now?


Where does the business want to go?


How are going to get there. The big idea.


The details of the strategy.


What we actually need to do to make this happen, by when and by who?


The people, the budget and how you are going to measure success.

What Makes Conversion Detectives Different

A systematic process gained through experience with a variety of clients in different markets. We combine that knowledge with a creative angle and we mean CREATIVE.


No Harm in a Chat

Give us a call or an email and we’ll be happy to chat and take you through the options. We can start at a fee in tune with your budget and grow with your business. A sense of collaboration and an open mind is all we ask.


What success has Conversion Detectives had?

Read our client success stories.

Conversion Detectives Clients


Traffic Growth Case Study – Lucy Bee


Lucy Bee - Conversion Detectives Client


Lucy Buckingham

Lucy Bee sells organic & ethical food and skincare products.


Traffic growth to over one year,

125% new users,

attracted by original content


Read the Case Study

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Well, it’s not overnight. If you are committed to growing your business online then you have to invest time. A thorough audit of your online business is the starting point. After this research it is a question of creating proritised actions.

You may see results in a month, if you have the budget and the traffic to your website. It could take three months to a year. The best way of seeing digital growth is as a virtuous cycle. That is build digital growth into your business.

You have to spend money to make money. It’s true of all we do in marketing. Starting with an audit can start at the best part of a thousand pounds, but you stand to gain big time. T

A particular project can be done on a fixed fee over several months. It also depends on the people you have in your business that can help. So, you are talking about using an agency for a set number of hours per month. See our Pricing Packages for hourly rates.

An idea of what is entailed can be found on our blog post ‘Website Conversion Optimisation on a Budget'.

Method. Creative thought. Consistency. Measurement and a willingness to make a difference are also up there but in the main it’s how you, as a client, get on with the agency. It’s a collaborative business and a creative one. You’ll most likely have to make changes to how you see your business digitally.

What do you want to achieve? Is it principally revenue? We’ve seen a 20% increase in sales from a new website build. Is it influence? We’ve had a client grow their email list from a few hundred to 30,000 in 18 months. Is it branding and creating a community, your tribe? We’ve had a hand in building social following to tens of thousands.


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