Website Audit

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Website Audit

Conversion Detectives BlendingWebsite Audit

How much money are you losing? That’s what an audit boils down to.


Websites will lose you money for all manner of reasons. For example you can look in Google Analytics for the ‘low hanging fruit’ such as time on site for each device. It’s quite common to see lower time for some devices. Why? Well, we can look at that.


We have a long work flow that will plug the gaps for you.


Conversion Detectives BlendingNot just technical

We look at the technical and how a visitor uses your site by ‘walking in the customer’s shoes. Everything from making a purchase to filling out a form for further information (a lead).


It’s amazing what you can find and as outsiders it’s easier for us to find the holes and find ways to plug them.


Conversion Detectives BlendingThings we’ve learned

  • People click on page elements that aren’t links
  • It’s so easy to miss adding meta data (what you see on the Google search page)
  • Technical stuff that Google likes can be tweaked
  • If you improve one hundred things by one percent each it saves money


Self Storage Client

Read how Conversion Detectives increased conversions for this client who wished to remain anonymous.

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