Content Marketing

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Content Marketing

Conversion Detectives BlendingContent Marketing

What does that mean? Anything you create and put online is ‘content’ and that content should be original. Why? Well, visitors are more likely to buy if you can answer the question they all ask ‘what’s in it for me?’

The most important and most difficult online discipline.


Conversion Detectives BlendingOriginal Content

Original content can take many forms and be used for different purposes. Keeping people on the page, how about a calculator showing a saving? Attracting links to your website (which create qualified ie quality traffic) offer something unique to educational establishments.


There’s all manner of possibilities. Unique for you, created by us to make you stand out and attract more traffic and create more sales.


Conversion Detectives BlendingThings we’ve learnt

  • Using printed material can create links and can create huge email lists
  • Visitors hang around (an SEO value) if you give them a slide show to click on
  • You can’t go wrong with content about food, especially eggs or cakes


Clients include:

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