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Conversion Detectives BlendingAds

Google ads and social media ads can make you money but they can also cost a great deal. Ideally you get the return on investment. Your second target is ‘are they attracting new visitors (leads) to my website?


Conversion Detectives BlendingAds should supplement all your other online activities. They can attract new users, they can also build your email list which is VERY important as you then have a direct relationship with potential customers.

If the ads bring quality traffic that stays on the site then you’re site will improve in the organic (Google search rankings).


Conversion Detectives BlendingThings we’ve learnt

  • Advertising a printed brochure on Facebook led to an email subscriber list of 30,000 plus
  • Ads are part of the journey (60% of people don’t realise they are clicking on an ad)
  • Remarketing email audiences and website visitors is a thing to try.
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