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Conversion Optimisation Detective Jim KinlochI’m Jim Kinloch a digital consultant in Hertfordshire.

That’s a strange term. Describing yourself is strange for a start. Describing yourself as digital…is stranger. What can it digitally mean? Well, online or Internet doesn’t cut it these days. We’re all digital people.


What Do I Do?

Well, it’s rather unique. We grow business profits online. It’s not one just one channel, it’s blending all the channels and activities into one for greater impact.


Digital Detectives

I’ve always liked detective works and the digital world is a torrid place if you don’t understand it. I understand a fair amount and learn something new every day. But when I’m learning a new social tool say. I have to ask is this tool accurate? Can I test this against another tool? Will it create more awareness, better consideration or greater sales?


Apple Computer to Signature Gifts

I’ve worked for Apple and I’ve worked for a high-end personalised gift company. What do they both have in common, well they both made me redundant? So, I started working for myself in 2011 and I’m not going to make myself redundant, am I?


What Do I Digitally Know?

  • How it all works together
  • How something interesting on Instagram can make a better video on Facebook.
  • Where to put the words in the metadata.
  • Why an influencer can put 9,000 followers on YOUR account.
  • The best question to ask in a survey
  • When to post on which networks.
  • Who not to follow
Lucy Bee Organic Traffic

Lucy Bee Organic Traffic Growth


Analytics and Ideas

I’ve taught myself a lot about analytics, from the granddad Google to the latest video platforms like Wistia. Analytics tell you what’s happened not why.

Surveys, feedback loops and panel data tells you why people are doing what they do (sometimes they don’t know).

The basics of a fast secure and well search engine optimised Website.


How to gather the ideas that you test.

There’s a lot to it. The process we use at Conversion Detectives is 98 pages when printed out (and that’s not even filling it in). Anyway if you want to know if this works please visit the Case Studies section Library up there on the menu.



Everything Conversion Detectives does to help your business is personalised and the process we use adapted to your needs.

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