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Jim Kinloch - Conversion DetectiveWelcome to Conversion Detectives, a CRO Agency in Hertfordshire.


Conversion Optimisation or Conversion Rate Optimisation is all about a methodical process and can be applied to all your online marketing efforts


So What is Conversion Rate Optimisation?

‘…the systematic process of increasing the percentage of

website visitors who take a desired action.’

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Everything online starts with the ‘Conversion Rate’


Conversion Rate is Sales divided by total number of Website visitors.

For example:

100 visitors per day / 5 sales per day = a 5% Conversion Rate


This is the perfect way to benchmark your current state and measure your improvements in sales and profit using a process that can be used everywhere.

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Apply Across ALL Channels

You can apply conversion rate to everything you to online.

Take a success from one channel and apply elsewhere

  • A most shared post on Facebook can inspire copy that converts visitors on your Website into sales
  • A highly favoured post on Instagram could inspire a video on YouTube that increases subscribers to your channel

Have a look at the ‘How We Work‘ (it’s less than a 3-minute read).

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What Does CRO Involve?

At the heart of Conversion Optimisation is the A / B Page test. You test your existing page against a ‘contender’. The winner stays on and you test other ideas, from a page title to the ‘micro’ copy around a button.

There’s rather more to A / B page testing and it may not be the way to go (you have to have around 350 conversions in a short time frame, around 4 weeks for the data to be worth using). But there are other smart options.


CRO Tools

CRO tools and actions also include:

  • Site Speed
  • SEO
  • Heatmaps / Clickmaps
  • Visitor Video Recording
  • Feedback
  • Surveys
  • Panel Data
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Every business is different so how do you control digital growth, using CRO? We use a simple spreadsheet, a Dashboard. The dashboard records your business goals alongside your digital goals.

It sounds simple but this ‘control’ is tailored to every business and the data that is collected is used to focus on what would make the biggest difference, right down to the type of content your business should be creating.

A consistent and methodical process using CRO will get your business to the strongest online presence possible.


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