What’s An Online Value Proposition?

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Online Value Proposition in 5 Words:

Instant, Touchstone, Conversion, Me, Test


What Does Your Website Offer?

We know exactly what our Website is offering, don’t we? We concentrate on creating all manner of content (words, images, video etc) based on what we are selling or promoting. Your Website may have what it does in the actual domain name and you may think that’s enough, it’s obvious isn’t it?


Instant Summation

Does your Website state what it does and why it is different to your competitors in one handy ‘tagline?’ What are you offering? How do you answer the visitor’s question “What’s in it for me?” A few words summing up what you are offering and what makes your offer different is the ‘Online Value Proposition, that is an instant summation of your site for your visitor.


Try it Yourself

If you don’t have an OVP for your site try creating one. Ask others in your business how they would sum up the offer from your site as well and compare them. Make it as short as possible without losing the meaning or trying to stuff ‘keywords’ into the line.


Is an OVP Important?

You’d have to test your OVP to see if it made a difference to your conversion rate. It certainly won’t do you any harm. An OVP you are happy with will help you focus on your site and provide a touchstone for creating content.


Competitors OVP

Another idea is to write down your competitor’s Online Value Propositions, include yours, and show the list to a neutral person and ask them a) to pick out yours and b) which one works.

Don’t get hung up on creating the perfect OVP, test it if you can and use your OVP as a guide to writing copy for your site.


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