What Makes a Great Client?

Posted on Apr 16, 2020 |

I was just wondering what I like about the clients I work with and what makes a great client? I mean it would be easier to write about clients I don’t work for.


“Quick Jim!” “What don’t you like?”

There’s not that much really. I am wary of clients that call their business website “My baby!” It’s happened twice. I’ve politely moved on.

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Can’t and won’t deal with anyone who thinks themselves superior to their fellow man.

That’s about it in the negative. Good to get that out of the way. So, what do I like about my favourite clients?

Something’s are the bleed ‘in obvious like mutual respect and some are relevant to business.


They Listen

They listen to you because this is what you do everyday and you have the case studies and stats to prove it.


They Leave You Alone

The good client understands the exchange ‘I pay you and you do this.’ They don’t breath down your neck every moment.


Digital Marketing Tools


Some aspects of digital marketing are the long game. Search Engine Optimisation and getting your website pukka so visitors love using it and have a sense of ‘Wow!” when buying.


The Value of Processes & Measurement

Clients understand you work in a certain way. They understand that you have to be systematic and they can see the results because you produce stats weekly and monthly. We did this and the result was that.


Visitors Make Websites

You don’t. Nope. You can have in input but it’s what your visitors want that counts. They take a step back.



The best clients realise that you set out with the best intentions. They realise that your hypothesis is founded in experience and sometimes it doesn’t work but they know you’ll adjust and respond.

DIgital Marketing Tools 2

Stepping Stones

All that we do online doesn’t work but now we’ve tried that tactic we know. We’ll park it and we’ll analyse it later to see if we can rework it.


Spend Money to Make Money

The best clients I work with don’t stint at levels of ad budget they look at the return because they know their business, in the main the COGS, Cost of Goods Sold and LTV, Life Time Value of a customer.



The very best clients are fun to work with because of the above, they know their business, they are not glued to convention, they listen, they question you a lot, plus they appreciate you are not just doing this for the fee. It means a lot to you that you are making a difference very few other agencies can obtain.


Blew My Own Trumpet

See what I did there?


The exchange, for me, between client and agency is a simple one. Trust me and I’ll make you money.


Long Term

O’ and they think of the long term. Not the weekly or monthly stats dashboard. They know somethings will take time to achieve.


So, hats off to my favourite clients…erm…that’s all of you!


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