Understanding Digital Marketing Now

Posted on Oct 17, 2019 |

Understanding Digital Marketing isn’t Easy

Well, its not. Particularly in the age of Google: ‘I’ll just Google it and use the first thing I see.’ You wouldn’t do that if you wanted to learn the English Language.


Digital Marketing is riddled with jargon. Engagement anyone? CTR? Impressions? Try using real words. They are not just ‘visitors’, they are people.

Digital marketing has many parts. You want to know the vital components. You need to know how it works.

Here’s a few pointers.


Digital Marketing is About PeopleThe People

Why do people lose sight of the fact that digital marketing is not about ‘stats’ it’s about people. You have to have people involved with everything you do in your marketing and I don’t just mean team members. I mean the people you expect to buy from your business.


Digital Marketing HubThe Hub

Treasure your website and nurture your email list. This is your core. Forget everything else until you have these sorted. From the technical, is the site fast to the content, that is what are you going to give the people that visit? What’s in it for me? They will ask when they land on your page. Your email list gives you a direct relationship and response far beyond social or Google Ads.


Website Traffic is not all Equal

Learn the different sources of traffic. Which sources convert best? Which sources are rubbish? Which could you make more of? What do they want? Break down your traffic and address the different intent.



Search Engine OptimisationSEO

Has a bad press. Not surprisingly due to the amount of charlatans claiming they can get you page one of Google overnight. SEO is a broad subject. It’s also vital as a traffic source, a source that can convert to sales in spades.



Digital Marketing AnalyticsAnalytics

Don’t trust them. well, that’s a mite harsh. I mean take them with a pinch of salt. When you know how inaccurate they are you can make judgements. Do the analytics match the revenue you take? Analytics tell you what people are doing not why they are doing it. So, that’s another reason to involve people in your digital marketing.



Social Marketing StatsSocial Media

Are you just counting the numbers of your followings? Well then that’s just vanity. What are they doing? What do you know about what they want? Yet another reason to involve people in your marketing.


Do Google Ads Work ImageDo Google Ads Work?

Yes. But they have another value. As a data mine. Google Ads will tell you exactly which keyword phrases convert to a sale. How about using that data to create pages that target that phrase?




Content MarketingContent Marketing

Everything in online marketing hinges on content. Another jargon phrase. Content is anything you put online. What will make your online presence different, help you gain search traffic, help your ads, help people build a relationship with your business is content. So, once you have ‘The Hub’ sorted put your effort into creative content. Everything else in digital marketing is technique, well technique and hard work.


How to Find Keywords ImageKeyword Library

Know your keywords. Which attract traffic and which help the sale. It’s not the be and end all but it is a great foundation to build a library. Use them as starting points to spark creative ideas for content.


Would you like more detail about understanding digital marketing?

Click or tap here for a page with links to each item above. O’ and there’s a nice bonus of ‘5 Simple Things to try in Digital Marketing’.

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