Putting The Pirate into Digital Marketing

Posted on Apr 13, 2020 |

Here’s a bit of fun.

I do have a slight obsession with pirates.

O’ you’re thinking the popular culture references ”Awwrrr Jim Lad!”, Walking the plank and the Jolly Roger fluttering in a strong Caribbean breeze.

Not surprising.

We’re going to break some clichés in a mo’. Therefore creating pirate digital marketing.

But I’m going to make a statement…


Profitable Digital Marketing Needs Pirates


  • Pirates break convention
  • Piracy requires original thought
  • Great pirates don’t follow
  • Pirates find the profits


Conventional Marketing

Yes. It works. But everyone else is going through the same process and the landscape is always shifting, like being on the ocean (did you see what I did there)?

What weakens marketing even more is this…

Some people know what they are doing. Others follow. They search in Google and repeat half-truths, they take the first result in Google as gospel truth. Then they present themselves as experts ‘O’ it’s all about social influence…what you need is thousands of Facebook followers…’

Just because you can Google it doesn’t make you right.

Content Marketing

Pirates Don’t Follow

Pirates do their own thing. Their only goal is the treasure ship, the profit. They only use what works and what works isn’t what is taken as the norm.


Pirate Fact #1

Most crews were run as cooperatives. Everyone got an equal share except the Captain and the Master of Arms. They got more if they performed.


Pirates Think Differently

All the good pirates, the ones that survived became part of the establishment because they were different. They were different and they survived better than their conventional competitors.


Pirate Fact #2

The Captain was elected. He was usually elected because he was a good fighter AND a great tactician.


But X Is Doing This!

X marks the competitor. They are doing this therefore we must do it too.

No. First how do you know it is working? They are most likely following some other competitor. Second EVERYONE does that and audiences love and respond to originality.

Content Marketing

Original Content

We talk a lot about ‘content’ in digital marketing. Content is entertainment or information and if you are any good you combine the two.

Everything from Ads to email sends, from SEO to video marketing is about technique. What separates you? Your original and creative content. All technique needs content.


Pirate Fact #3

The most successful pirate of all time was Ching Shih. She was active during the early 19th century. She commanded hundreds of ships and thousands of pirates.


Pirate Fact #4

Where do we get ‘talking like a pirate from?’ Robert Newton. He was a British actor who played Long John Silver in the movie of the book ‘Treasure Island’ in 1950. He was born in Dorset and the use of a heavy west country accent most likely led to the ‘pirate-speak’ of today.


The other factor that I like about pirates is they just got on with things as they always had budget.

Do look me up with you want an original approach.


Yes, you may call me Long John Jim


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