One Way to Pile on Instagram Followers

Posted on Nov 18, 2019 |

This is an idea that came wholly from a client.


Influencer isn’t Always a Bad Word

Anyway, the client knew an influencer involved in the fitness industry.  This person has a huge following on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

My client’s following was nothing to sneeze at with over 160,000 Instagram  followers and regular high quality fun and educational content.

So, the client, also a trained beautician, said they’d really like to give this influencer a hair mask. Now the influencer had rather unruly hair, part of his image.

I remember it well. The client saying “I’d really like to give Mr X a hair mask.”


We had a chuckle.


Not long after the client did just that. Went to the influencer, gave him a hair mask and took a short video. The video going on the client and influencers Instagram profile.


The Result

The client’s Instagram following went up by over 9,000 followers in one weekend and they stayed on (lost perhaps 200 in the weeks that followed).


Simple Visual Ideas

Simple visual ideas work as the example above shows. Collaboration works too.


Your Social Network

So, what can you do that is visual? Which influencer would this appeal to and would they share it on their page without payment or for a quid pro quo?

If you want to pursue adding to your following make yourself open to collaborative ideas. Go on! Generate twenty ideas and find twenty influencers to approach. They all need content and you’re giving it to them. In return for access to their following. Well worth a go.


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