Nice Website! Who Built it?

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What you doing HiPPo?

Who Built it in 5 Words:

Designer, You, Audit, Visitor, Segments

Do you like the way your Website looks? Did you spend hours tinkering with it? Do you think it could produce more revenue?


Designers Know Nothing

OK so it’s a bit of a generalisation and what it means is designers like a site to be neat and tidy. Designers who care about how their design will influence the conversion of the site are rare (but becoming more common).


The HIPPO Gets in the Way

The HIPPO in your business is most likely you. The Highest Paid Person’s Opinion is the one that gets things done. What if it’s wrong? It is an opinion, just like mine so why take the chance when you can utilise your visitors to help you create the best selling Website imaginable?


What do you Know What do I know?

You and I know how we use Websites not how our visitors use a Website. The cliché in online marketing concerning this is ‘we don’t build websites, customers build websites.’ Conversion is concerned with several factors like A/B page testing and visitor feedback, using information from the visitors to your site to inform how the site should be.


Collaboration is a Good Start

Get as much opinion you can to get the Website up and start building traffic organically, with Pay Per Click or banners or affiliates and then refine your efforts.


Here’s an interesting tool for planning ‘wireframes’ (that’s the layout of the pages and navigation)  that we hope will aid your collaboration efforts.


Category and Segment

Have you planned the categories of information for your Website? Getting this right at the outset is important as it will help you devise quality content (that’s words, images, video and anything useful for a potential customer). What do you know about your customers? Have you segmented (divided) them into the channels they come from or considered scenario testing?

Dividing the information and your customers allows you to be more specific and set targets it can also bog you down and send you down the wrong path

You can’t have enough data but data is worthless unless it gives you something to do (an action).


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