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Marketing in 3 Words

Jargon, Buzzzzzz, Action


Marketing Jargon

I’ve been in marketing for a long time. I make my living from it but I don’t believe a lot of what is preached by “marketing experts.” I’ve never got the hang of talking about “KPIs” or “Social Media Optimisation.”

I don’t wish to sell stuff I don’t believe in and I don’t want to market to children.

I see what we do to help a site convert as a network of ideas with strands that combine to make a story. That story is based on a relationship between the person selling and the person buying.


The Buzzzz!

Why do certain sites have a “buzzzz” around them and therefore sell more? Because they have something worthwhile to sell and people want things that have worth. You create a site and you answer the question “What’s in it for me.” You tell them and you make it easy and add some fun, some humour to this formula and you have the potential for success.



One of the most important items in an online marketing mix is taking ‘action’ from your data. If you want to make the maximum from your site then find the action from your stats.

Often we use data for the sake of data, sometimes that data leads us down the wrong path and quite often it pays off. Don’t get lost in the netherworld of marketing jargon. Action is a very simple word and means to do something. Target is a more meaningful word than KPI (Key Performance Indicators).

Too often the words become the means. We become divorced from what we are doing and cloak ourselves in comforting, meaningless phrases.


The Meaning of Conversion

Conversion Rate Optimisation is another phrase that haunts our Websites. It means making more sales from your existing traffic. We use simple ideas, we make a deduction and we test that deduction.

We don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that getting more from your investment is a good thing.

Reduce the amount of jargon in your world; use plain English and you’ll achieve more.


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