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Posted on May 18, 2020 |

Well, I love anything to do with originality and digital marketing. I’m at a loss to understand why transmedia storytelling is not better known.

Creating a story world is going to create interest, awareness and community.  Therefore storytelling will increase sales.

So, why don’t we see more of this idea? Perhaps you have an insight you’d like to share?


Story Worlds Everywhere

We do see story worlds and transmedia storytelling a little from big movie franchises, Harry Potter and the Marvel Universe for example.

What we don’t see is joined up efforts to tell a story across ALL platforms and offline.

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Transmedia Storytelling Defined

Transmedia storytelling is telling a story or creating an experience, across multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok using a variety of content ideas.


Imagine a Story Trail

Start someone with calling a phone line, offer them a clue to a blog post where they find another clue. And so on, following a trail to a worthwhile prize or even not a prize just an experience that is inline with the brand ideals or their story.

You can even mix in role-playing actors or Quick Response (QR) codes to be scanned in your shop.


What if Rules?

What if? Those two words, when used correctly, will create ideas. Ideas that can be formed into a story line and characters for a transmedia experience.

What if you were to create characters from your buying persona (avatars)? What if you had these persona or characters dotted across the web, live in shops, recorded voices on phone lines or part of a podcast?

You see, transmedia storytelling is limitless.

What if you combined the story with comedy writers like the hive mind used by White Label Comedy?

Video Short Form Perhaps?

What if you hired some actors and created short scenes of your story? What if you had multiple stories and tested which works for creating awareness of your brand? These videos could be short form (under 10 minutes). Could be a story in 90 seconds. Using the video analytics built in to video platforms and engagement (comments, reactions and shares) you’ll find out what works pretty quickly.


Me and Transmedia Storytelling

I’m a hybrid. I’m a digital marketing consultant during business hours and a writer outside of them. I create and write the offbeat and combine with my digital marketing knowledge.

I’ve had my work on stage, on tv and recently published in book form.

Get in touch if you would like to stand out from the herds of wildebeests roaming the net with nowhere to go.


We can chat and do original stuff together.


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