Growth Hacking for Small Business

Posted on Sep 25, 2019 |

Growth hacking is a buzz phrase. I’m not that keen on the phrase but I understand that it acts as useful shorthand.


Growth Hacking

A growth hacker works across many parts of a business. The so-called marketing funnel (the funnel is dead, it’s more of a bubble really), sales segments and product development is where you’ll find a growth hacker.

Growth Hacking or Digital Marketing?

Conversion Detectives

We’re digital marketers not growth hackers although there is a lot of cross over.

Digital marketing is marketing a product or service through digital channels.

These channels break down into

  • Owned
  • Earned
  • Paid


That’s your website and your email list.


That’s what you earn by having content that people enjoy and use. So, it’s referral traffic that come from a link via their website to yours and also social sharing.


Mostly Google Ads and social network advertising.

Digital Marketing Mix

The Disciplines used to gain traffic and convert into sales also includes:

  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Email marketing
  • Paid search (PPC)
  • SEO optimisation
  • Social Media
  • Video marketing

Plus a lot more.

Conversion Detectives Blending


It’s finding the right ‘blend’ of the disciplines above that will find your business growing.

We missed one off:



We’re very keen on the Dashboard. How do you know what you are doing and what is working? You use a dashboard. A simple spreadsheet for your business targets, your marketing spend and the health of your business online.



The very first thing to do with your Dashboard is record what you are doing and your vanity stats. These are the numbers like unique visitors to your website and social following.

Conversion Detectives Blending

Why are vanity stats?

Well, they are just numbers aren’t they. I’ve got 10,000 followers and you’ve only got 5,000. That’s vanity. The question is how many of them are doing something.


So, a better stat to look at is engagement rate and not the engagement rate the social profiles give you. Measure what people are doing that is positive because that’s free advertising. For example it is better to measure, reactions, comments and shares than followers.



Add your revenue targets per month / per week and have a row for percentage of target reached. That will add focus.



Measure the type of content you’re creating and the engagement (people doing something). Do you see any patterns? Can you use that content in another way on a different channel? Should you be making PR with that content.


Website Health

I add the amount of links and clicks to the site using Google’s Search Console. The reason is that it makes you look at Search Console and you may find something wrong (it doesn’t happen very often but when it does it could damage your business for months).


So, have a think. Do you need a Growth Hacker or a Digital Marketer?

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