Digital Marketing & Print Marketing

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‘We’re going to do a full colour brochure for the events and shows Jim.”


Digital Marketing and Print Marketing

Digital Marketing For Ever!

That’s nice I thought. How quaint. Print material. Those were the days.




What if?*

We need to grow the email list rapidly. What if we advertise on social platforms? A FREE 28-page full colour brochure? Just fill in a form and we’ll send one or more out to you.


So, we did.



30,000 email subscribers in eighteen months. A mite expensive yes, but that 30,000 proved to be the backbone (along with social posting and organic traffic) of an ecommerce website when it launched.

The quality of the brochure was superb (nothing to do with me) and people would quite happily get in contact to ask for more for their friends.

That list still has high engagement. People visiting and buying from the ecommerce store.

Conversion Detectives Blending

Link Vehicles

Another use of print was when I was working for a gift company that had millions of original newspapers AND they created facsimile copies for various purposes. It was an overrun and the papers were going to be recycled.


They had an overrun of eight pagers for historic occasions like the sinking of the Titanic, the 1966 World Cup Final and the Moon Landings.


What if?

What if we gave some away BUT only to educational establishments and services? Then the links we get would be of high value in Google’s eyes. And that is what we did.


The Results

The website received several link from schools, universities and The Girl Guides. The website had a positive uplift in for Google rankings.

3 Tips to Try

  1. Say ‘What if?’
  2. Can I use print to improve the power of my website in Google?
  3. Can I repurpose something that is seen as not useful at all?


Digital Marketing

I go on about the digital ‘blend’ for a client. Ever business is different of course. But what makes the business different? How can you use what the business has for digital marketing?


The two example businesses above happened to have print material that could be repurposed to help the business online.


What in your business can you repurpose to improve the links to your site, grow an email list or simply create awareness of your brand?


If you want to bounce some ideas together then drop me a line.


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*‘What if?’ the two most powerful creative words ever. Try saying it a lot. I mean, every time you need something creative to improve your business revenue, influence or engagement.


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