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Crazyegg in 4 Words:

CRO, Heatmaps, Confetti, Segmentation,

If you want a quick insight into how a visitor reacts to your landing page then give Crazyegg a go.


Heat Maps v Confetti

Crazy egg gives you a snapshot of any page on your site (well not the secure https: versions) as an overlay. Once the test has been running you get to see exactly where a visitor is clicking on the page. You can choose between a heat map (the more clicks the redder the overlay) or confetti (where you see each individual click).


What’s it Good For?

When I first used we came across a snapshot (Crazyegg takes a picture of the page when you start the test) that was a server error page. We could see clicks on the error page so visitors were trying to click out of it.



We increased the session time each visitor had as we deduced this was a time-out page. People start to buy then get distracted. We had no more clicks on the page.

Crazy Name Great Tool

Crazyegg Best Feature

Crazyegg records the clicks from different sources so you can see if PPC, natural or affiliate visitors are reacting differently to the page.

It’s cheap (currently, see the date of the post, it’s $29 per month) and it’s pretty instant way of understanding what a visitor is doing on your page. A great CRO tool to have in your armoury.


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