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Clicktale in 3 Words

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‘Actual Interactions’

There’s something slightly ‘barmy’ about the phrase ‘Actual Interactions.’ It appears on the ClickTale site as a description of the product. ClickTale is one of those tools that offers insight into various elements of your Website. The product records visitor sessions and you can play them back.

No more guessing as you see each session in real time or sped up. So what are they doing in that form or the basket? Exactly where is the stoppage, the place they fall out of a process?

Watch the example video and suddenly you understand the stumbling blocks on your site.


They’re Doing What?

Forms are a part of our business and we aim to make them easy to follow and to fill in but sometimes, no matter your experience and no matter what ‘best practice’ you bring to bear you will miss something.



Now you can take action. If you have a Website that you want to get more of then you have no excuse, sign up, for a free plan (yes it’s limited).


Form Conversion Optimisation

ClickTale offers ‘…five unique reports that tell you which fields take too long to fill.’ How wonderful is that!


Conversion Analytics Suite

This element of the product includes advanced filtering, heatmaps, and conversion funnels.

Have a look at ClickTale here.

It really is a tool to savour. No more gaining insight from numbers or surveys but you see and therefore can act quickly on your site’s stoppage points.


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