4 Digital Marketing Resources I Admire

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Admire is such a big word. When you admire you want to emulate. I’ve picked some digital marketing resources that any business will benefit from. I know I won’t be able to emulate them but I’m going to try…

So, if you want to know more about conversion optimisation, keywords and analytics take some time to get to know:


Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

I’ve been following Avinash for years now. He is the ultimate analytics guru.  I mean he lives for stats but not stats for the sake of them, o’ no. Analytics are only of use if you can take action.

That’s the key. Can you take action? No? Well, then you have something interesting. I like his ABO strategy.

  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour
  • Outcomes


What are we doing to attract traffic to the website?


What happens after they land on the website?


What was the impact on our business – online and offline?

Of course, this is rather simplistic but it is a great foundation for understanding analytics and measuring what you do online.

Follow Avinash here


Conversion Rate Experts

I came across this crew at an affiliate forum event years ago. They, Dr Karl Blanks and Ben Jesson, put on a simple seminar about their work as optimisation for websites.

That seminar was an inspiration to start my own business.

They have had huge success and worked for all the big names online, from Apple to Google themselves.

They are systematic, insightful and REALLY good at what they do.

Checkout their FREE CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) Toolkit

Just a great place to start your understanding of the potential of digital marketing.




I’m a great admirer of Peep Laja the founder. A no nonsense and highly driven founder. Tenacious, understanding and also insightful about everything digital.

If you wish to undertake some serious learning on all the subjects you need to be a digital marketer this is the place to visit.

You’ll also want to signup to the email which is a cornucopia of digital marketing disciplines you can put into practice.

Visit Conversion XL to find out more




Wordstream have built an enviable reputation around keywords and paid advertising. If you search for help on these matters then they are going to pop up with lots of different guides and tools.

Their guides are written in an easy to understand language that also holds your hand through some pretty difficult systems ie Google and Facebook ads.

Check out Wordstream tools here


There are so many other organisations I admire for their insights which I’m bound to write about in the future. Like HotJar, Paul Koks, Search Engine Land and Moz.


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