5 Conversion Rate Testing Tips

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What Should I Test on my Website?

It can be daunting to start testing your Website to aid conversion of visitors from prospects into customers and eventually into brand loyalists. These 5 tips are just a staring point that we hope gets you thinking about how much more business you can get from your Website.

1.     Test Your Important Pages

For most Websites you would say the Home Page is the most important page wouldn’t you? Investigate your analytics programme and find out your top entry pages you might be surprised.
Sometimes your most valuable page can be for a particular product or service or a category of products or services.

2.     Test Calls to Action

Have you researched what your competitors are doing for their Website “Calls to Action?”
Do some words work better than others? Does ‘Buy No’ work better than ‘Purchase?’ Do text links instead of buttons make a difference? Does the colour of the button make visitors more likely to buy?
A call to action can be purchase but what and how to make other calls to action that encourage customers to use your site more and more? Should you have a FaceBook page, be using Twitter or just asking the visitor to sign up to an email with exclusive deals?

3.     Your Content

Does the number of words on the page make a difference? How many lines should you have in each paragraph?
Do images of products work or images of people? How big should each image be?

4.     Focus on Search Traffic

Does having the search term that has brought the visitor repeated on the page affect conversion? Have you examined the key words that bring visitors to your site? How can you use those search terms to aid writing copy that works better for a sale?

5.     Promotions and Pricing

How price sensitive are your visitors? What type of promotion works best? Do your visitors value FREE shipping? Perhaps they don’t need any promotion to buy your product or service.

We hope the above tips give you an idea of where to start with your Conversion Rate Optimisation programme.

Jim & Sam

Conversion Detectives

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