What is Content Marketing Strategy?

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We’re Conversion Detectives and we are a creative content marketing agency based in Hertfordshire developing content marketing strategy for a range of clients.

Where to Start with Content Strategy

First of all everything online is content. We start with listening to you and your business. Who exactly are your clients / customers?

We gather all the information we can from easily available tools like Google Search Console, your website, your social profiles and your email list.

If you are a startup looking for a content marketing strategy we’ll use other tools to research including you. Yes you and your knowledge of the market.

Splat Content Marketing

Buying Persona

We’ll create ‘buying’ persona. These are your typical clients / customers. We’ll give them a name a bio, we’ll look at their interests and more.

Once we have these personas, you could look at them as characters in your play, then we’ll come up with a list of different types of content for the different stages of buying or hiring.

A simple model to use here are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase

Segments & Categories

If needed we’ll look at the different segments of your market and we’ll create categories of content that appeals.

What sort of content appeals to these different buying types?


Frictions and ‘Mental Buying Lists’

Each type of customer will have distinct objectives and frictions to overcome, price, delivery, benefits etc.Each visitor to your website will come with a mental shopping list that will have to be ‘ticked’ to attain the purchase. We make a note of those too in our Buying Persona Matrix.

It’s best to write copy for your persona (we give them names) that answers one very simple question ‘What’s in it for me?”

POW Content Marketing

Idea Generation

Next up is generating lots of ideas. What type of content? Well, usually we’ll come up with a spread of content types aimed at the buyer type. Everything is considered from the message, what is unique about your business, guides, inforgraphics, copy is short and long form for blog posts, social profiles, video (short and long form), plus first class imagery.


User Generated Content

A part of a successful content marketing strategy is getting your following and customers to create content for you.



Control involves the people who are going to carry out the content strategy, the budget available (content for ads on Google and social platforms) and how we’re going to measure success.



  • So, we start with people, that is your clients / customers.
  • We research
  • We build ‘buying persona’
  • We create or commission the content
  • We measure the success or opportunities


Content Marketing Strategy

The strategy comes in when you look at how do we get to our objective? It’s the big picture. Which is the most important segment, who is the typical customer and which content are we going to use to make them aware, consider buying, purchasing and having them come back PLUS spread the message.

For example a strategy (big picture) summation could be ‘To be the most influential and authoritative website / business in the X niche / market.


Original and Creative Content

Content marketing should inform and entertain, o’ if it can do both then you are on a winner.

A lot of digital marketing is technique. What separates you from the herd is original and creative ideas. Get that right and you’ll do well.

Conversion Content Creators

Everyone that works for Conversion Detectives happens to have a second creative string to their bow, we have a techie guy who composes music and has his own band, an SEO /digital marketing guy who plays guitar, a writer (published on Amazon and a tv credit), that’s me, a video guy who’s a trained actor (you might have seen him on Sherlock etc) and a designer / developer who’s also a trained actor (and a retained firefighter).

This is one of the reasons Conversion Detectives is a leading creative content marketing agency.

The other reasons you’ll like us:

  • Research (we do a lot of that)
  • Idea generation (we do more than you can imagine)
  • Measurement  (we measure everything to give you an edge)
  • Original content (stuff your competitors aren’t doing)    


What success has Conversion Detectives had?

Read our client success stories.

Conversion Detectives Clients


Traffic Growth Case Study – Lucy Bee


Lucy Bee - Conversion Detectives Client


Lucy Buckingham

Lucy Bee sells organic & ethical food and skincare products.


Traffic growth to lucybee.com over one year,

125% new users,

attracted by original content


Read the Case Study

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Content marketing attracts organic, search traffic. It also attracts links from other websites (which will send pre-qualified traffic that has some form of ‘intent.’) It also creates brand awareness and word-of-mouth. This factor means your content getting shared and your brand reaching more people.

People trust a business more if they believe in the content. If people believe they become part of your business, part of your ‘tribe.’ Therefore they will promote your business.

You’ll know the seasonality of your business. But we’re also look into the traffic to your website, if you have the data. If you’ve just started we’ll use services like Google Trends.

That’s all we live for at Conversion Detectives. There are a number of tools we use, o’ and graft. Here’s a post with three ideas to make you more creative.

There’s more than one-way and more than one tool. But you can’t beat eyes on the post and gathering true engagement. True engagement is what people are doing with that post. Are they sharing, tagging people, commenting or reacting?

You can also look at minutes watched for videos or time on page for a post or page. Alongside that you can look at your brand mentions. Are they increasing?



Why I Love Hertfordshire

Why do we make a big thing about Hertfordshire? Because we love being in this wonderful county. Don’t get me wrong there’s lots of lovely places in the UK but Hertfordshire is where I was born, Kings Langley and where I went to school, Berkhamsted. I’ve lived in Welwyn Garden City for a long time.

St Albans is just up the road and a place to browse for food and coffee. Watford is somewhere I spent a lot of time growing up, visiting the shopping centre and especially John Lewis. My mum used to treat me to a Knickerbocker Glory.

I’ve worked all over including Hemel Hempstead, Watford (again) and Stevenage. I go to a lot of networking groups. I especially like the vibe in Harpenden and Hertford.

My daughter goes to school in Hatfield and I do enjoy acting at The Barn Welwyn Garden City.


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