Video Marketing

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Video Marketing

Conversion Detectives BlendingVideo Marketing

Does it make money? Yes it can.

Video comes in many forms. Did you know the average watch time for a Facebook video is ten seconds and the average YouTube session is twenty minutes?


Conversion Detectives BlendingVideo analytics

Sounds a mite boring but it can show where people drop off therefore you can edit to increase their engagement and attachment to your brand.



Conversion Detectives BlendingWe can script, edit and shoot video

We usually script an outline, you don’t have to learn lines, just put some key points into your own words and have fun. People buy from people, especially if they are enjoying themselves.

Our cameraman and editor is a professional actor and available between gigs. Paul has been on Sherlock, stared in a national cereal ad (shot in S.A.) and recently was in Casualty.


Conversion Detectives BlendingThing we learnt

  • Homemade videos can out perform professional video on social platforms
  • You can add subscribers from a signup in a video
  • Facebook’s video engagement stats are rubbish


Clients include:

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