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Conversion Detectives BlendingThe Dashboard

It’s a spreadsheet. Simple. The Dashboard focuses your business onto the most profitable activities.


We customise the Dashboard for your business so we can benchmark where you are now and measure your activities. The dashboard means all activities are under control. Advertising return on investment, conversion by traffic source and revenue by product or service.


Conversion Detectives BlendingThinking Tool

The Dashboard is the thinking tool. Very effective and easy to maintain it will offer insights and opportunities for growth.

Usually included

  • Targets (subscribers, sales, revenue, visitors, conversions etc)
  • Brand term searches (how well known is your business)
  • Keyword rankings (how much does Google like you)
  • Website health check


Conversion Detectives BlendingThings we’ve learnt

  • We might not have made money on the ads but we’ve found new visitors
  • Emails act as a reminder service (see how other channels increase after an email)
  • The social following for this client is stagnant (find new tactics)
Understanding Digital Marketing10 emails, 10 suggestions & 10 actions
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