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Conversion Detectives BlendingAnalytics

Analytics are wonderful. I mean they can tell you what people are doing on your website, your social profiles and with your email.


They don’t tell you why? What’s more important? Finding out what people are doing? Finding out why people are doing something and therefore having the chance to increase engagement, sales and loyalty?


Conversion Detectives BlendingFeedback Loops

We stress the importance of gathering the ‘why’ and learning about your visitors and customers. This is a regular activity in our book.


Vanity Stats

I’ve got 10,000 followers and you’ve got 7,000. Sound familiar? The question to ask the person with 10,000 followers is ‘are they doing anything?’

You may have a vast following but are they extolling the brand? Are they sharing your content? Are they buying?


Conversion Detectives BlendingThings we have learned

  • Take Google Analytics data with a pinch of salt
  • Social platform analytics are not the best to judge engagement
  • Analytics don’t tell the whole story
  • Track your brand term searches

We’ll tell you more when we meet.


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