CRO Case Studies

Conversion Rate Optimisation Case Studies

Here are just two case studies concerning businesses that have benefited from an Advanced CRO Report. The first is anonymous and involves a self-storage company competing with high street chains. The report is supported by a quote from a director from the agency, Receptional that commissioned the report for their client.

The second case study is for a Natural Health ecommerce website based in Hertfordshire but selling all over the UK.


Client: Self-Storage Company

Business Size: 25+

Conversion Increase wanted: Sales Leads, via contact, availability and quote forms.

Self Storage Conversion Rate Increase

The Results:

  • Conversion Rate increased by: over 57% in an 8-month period.
  • Page views: increased by 19.5%.
  • Visit duration: increased by 17%.
  • Bounce rate: decreased by 10%.
  • Video Views: 5,000+.



CRO Case Study Self Storage


Client: Natural Health

Business: ecommerce website selling health products

Business Size: 7+

Conversion Increase wanted: Sales revenue

Natural Health is a health business based in Hertfordshire. There are two shops and a small portfolio of websites for health products from all over the world.

Natural Health Conversion Rate Increase

The Results:

  • Goal Conversion Rate: increased by: 26%
  • Transactions: increased by: 119%.
  • Revenue: increased by: 131%.
  • Average Order Value increased by: 5.7%.



CRO Case Study Natural Health