The Conversion Detectives

Sam Georgeson Conversion DetectiveJim Kinloch Conversion Detective

We are Jim Kinloch and Sam Georgeson and we started Conversion Detectives because we’re obsessed (some would call us ‘geeky’) with making web sites successful.

We’ve worked together on a number of successful projects for small to medium businesses and we ‘complement’ each other. We have different skills and different experience and we get a kick out of seeing “OUR” projects succeed.

We like to have fun

We like to speak plain English

We take our work very seriously

We choose the name Conversion Detectives because it’s a name that is both fun and makes a point.

Conversion Detectives Limited

Conversion Detectives is incorporated as a private Limited Company

Company No: 10690806

We investigate your Website. We make deductions and we test those deductions so we can offer a solution.

Our methods are flexible and continuously evolving. We usually work with a four stage cycle, with you, on improving your site and making your business competitive:-

1. Research

2. Deductions (hypotheses)

3. Testing

4. Refinement

If you have a Website that you wish to make the most of please contact us for a FREE chat.

Read more about us:-

Jim Kinloch

Sam Georgeson

For some projects we use Special Guest Detectives who include professional designers, project managers, developers and a PPC professional. Sam and myself are in charge of all aspects and personally manage each project.