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Conversion Optimisation - About Conversion DetectivesI once sat down with a digital agency owner; they do Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click advertising, so digitally savvy.

At the end of the presentation, he said: “It’s [our Digital Growth Process] very complex.”

It is. But the results are simple.

Read some of the headline growth below under Case Studies.

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Q: What is my Return on Investment going to be?
A: Well, it’s going to be a lot more than the fee. Most of it will be quantifiable because you’ll see that in the analytics. Some of it will be at the awareness phase. What price more followers? What price more influence?


Q: How long is the process?

A: It will depend on what you signup for. For example, a Full Audit and Deduction Report takes around 23 hours (more if you want the options).

A: If you want to do the testing and retain Conversion Detectives then that’s 26 hours per month for a minimum of three months.


Q: What is involved in the monthly retainer?
A: We instil in your company a Conversion Rate culture. This is a pick and mix service and will involve some or all of the following testing and actions:-

  • Click & Scroll Maps
  • Form Optimisation
  • Heatmaps Assessment
  • User Experience Monitoring
  • A / B Tests (if enough traffic and conversions)
  • Learning from Test Results
  • Surveys and Feedback Results
  • Video Recordings Results
  • User Testing – Panel Data Results
  • Monthly Actions List
  • Persona Marketing
  • Competitor Monitoring
  • SEO Results
  • Content Ideas
  • Email Tactics and Campaigns

Even Amazon and eBay optimisation and advertising.

There’s bound to be more, all unique to your business.

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Q: What do we get for the fee?

A: Our process is very involved and it will be created specifically for your business.


Yes, we’ll use a lot of elements that worked for other businesses BUT we start with a Business Research Meeting and start to build relationships with your teams and agencies.


Click here for an overview of the methodology

Click here for a detailed summary of the methodology


Q: How do I know you can do what you claim?


A: Case Studies

  • Goal Conversion (leads): increased by 37% over 1 year
  • Social following: Increased to 300,000 combined
  • Organic traffic: Increase 125% over 1 year
  • Conversion Rate: Increased by 57%
  • Revenue: Increased by 131%

Read or download Case Studies here


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