Why I Started a Digital Marketing Company

Posted on Nov 27, 2020 |

What Works, What Doesn’t

I suppose when I was made redundant for the third time. I got the message. Time to start my own digital marketing company, something I’d mulled over for some time.


Corporate Chains

When you work for a large corporate you are a mere cog and that cog is chained. I understand procedure but I couldn’t bear the mundane and banal activity. We do it this way, we don’t rock the boat and then we can collect our pay, the shares and the pension.

Being brutally honest it wasn’t for me, working with people who toed-the-line, free from original thought and keen on maintaining that status exemplified by those who shop at Waitrose for snob value.

So, thank you for making me redundant. It would have been harder without the push.


Didn’t Accept The Status Quo

After being made redundant for the second time I went for an interview as an Online Marketing Manager for an SME. They turned me down.

I said to the agent. Well, l’ll work for them for free for a couple of weeks and I’ll show them. Anyway, they employed me for two weeks to see what I could do. They paid me though! I got the job.

Flash forward

The company was in trouble and I, being expensive, had to go. One of the areas I looked after was the affiliate marketing programmes. So, I pitched them. You have no one to look after your affiliates. I’ll do it for commission. Sold!

So, that was my starting point. Redundant but I hadn’t accepted the status quo. I’d got a job and then some income from being stubborn. That started me off on an up and down journey. Word-of-mouth played a part and I picked up clients here and there. I went networking picked up some more.


Bit of a Break

While working for one client another was interested because of my knowledge and experience. They became a major client and it was a very exciting time for me supporting the growth of an ethical company in the organic food and then natural beauty products.

So, I started because I had a dream to escape corporate and thankfully I got the push. Being stubborn always helps.


Now in Digital Marketing

Another factor was what you can do in digital marketing and see the results, sometimes instantaneously. I did become obsessed with this world. Working six and sometimes seven days a week. If I wasn’t working for clients I was investigating, questioning and learning everything I could about digital.

Well, what works and what doesn’t in the wacky world of digital marketing?

So much works, not always to the degree you expect. What works for one client doesn’t mean it will work for another.

POW Content Marketing

A Blend

It’s about finding your own blend for your business. The right amount of PPC, the foundation of a good SEO but most of all knowing that business is all about people.


Top Findings

  • Your website and your email list are a hub. The centre of all you do.
  • Measurement: benchmark and measure everything.
  • Goals: set goals in Google Analytics



After understanding online marketing is about people and building your foundation you have to realise that all of these elements are about technique and only one thing then matters. Content. Original content. Creative content.

If you don’t understand the above give us a call. Content is King, Queen and the Ace of digital marketing.


What Doesn’t Work

One thing I have found in common with clients is the use of listings, at a stupid price, on directory websites. You know the ones I mean. They have sales people trying to get the most out of your budget. I’ve stopped this waste of money a few times.


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