Which Digital Marketing is Best?

Posted on Nov 4, 2019 |

Wait. What?


All Digital Marketing Works

All digital marketing works. What’s great is you can measure it and scale up what works best for your business.


Digital Marketing Blend

It’s like a recipe. You pick and choose until you have the best blend for success.

Here are the basic elements that make up a great digital presence:

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Everything digital marketing starts with content. Everything from text to video is content. If you put it on the web it’s content. The thing is everything else digital marketing is technique and that technique requires content.


Email Marketing

Along with your website email marketing is the core of what you do online. Combine an optimised website with great, regular content with your email list and you have ‘The Hub’ or foundation of everything digitally.


Paid Ads

Paid ads are great when they work. They usually do but be aware that sometimes they might not be the right option for your business. Always treat paid ads as an experiment. Are you getting a return? It’s that simple.

Paid ads can also inform your content marketing. After all they will show you, which words convert into a sale. Use that knowledge to build content. That content should then attract quality traffic.

Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation

The world of SEO is always in flux. Get the basics right. This involves a) the technical like page load time and the removal of broken links and b) knowing how to write for people AND search engines, well Google.

Create great content and then make sure it is optimised for search. This means only optimising a page for one phrase and the placement of the keywords in the meta title (the most important), on the page and the link (URL).


Social Marketing

Is about having a relationship with people, creating a tribe that helps spread your messages, the power of ‘Word of Mouth.’


A Typical Digital Marketing Blend

Would include a rock solid foundation of SEO, an appealing and easy to navigate website.

Concentrating on building an email list that is engaged with your business.

A social presence that promotes you because they enjoy you, your products or services.


And all of that stems from the best possible content, so invest in creative and original content for real success.

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