What is Visitor Engagement?

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Conversion Rate Optimisation and Engagement

Visitor Engagement in 5 Words:

Slideshows, Video, PDF, Forms, FAQ


Jargon Everywhere

I say ‘engagement’ to prospective clients and I can see I’ve ‘mis-spoken.’ Jargon is a part of every industry and we try to talk in plain English. So what does ‘engagement’ mean in Conversion Rate Optimisation?


A Visitor Doing Something

It could just mean reading the text on the site because yes that does mean the person is engaged. But really in CRO it means a bit more. It means a visitor choosing to do something, to interact, with the site in some way.


Website Engagement

Visitors love to click on buttons if they get something in return. A slideshow of well-taken images of your products taken from various angles or being used is the simplest and especially if it tells a story. In our experience this works better than an autoplay carousel (which distracts and adds to the page load time).


  • Here’s the product in its packaging
  • This is what you get with the product
  • How to set up the product or use it for the first time
  • This is what it looks like from various angles
  • This is the product in use



Video is a huge subject on its own. Visitors may want to view a video If it’s not too long (this is something you have to test) and it is fun, informative, or has a wow factor. Make calls to action in your Website copy to play the video, don’t just plonk it on the site and expect visitors to click.


PDF Information Kits

Visitors are impatient and may not want to hang around on your site so how do you encourage them to use more of your site and revisit? A ‘kit’ of further information, checklists, specifications or pricing can all be combined into a PDF ‘Kit’ that can be downloaded and read later.



Offering something for FREE also works. Some sort of tool that will make the visitor’s life easier or a voucher code that is time limited is another idea to test.



There will be times when you want to capture details of your visitor and turn them from a prospect into a customer. Make your form filling easy and give a reward in the ‘call to action.’ For example, signing up to your e-news for exclusive offers. Forms are a whole art form in themselves. Put a lot of thought into the design and answer all the questions a visitor may have. This means listing all the objections they will have to fill out the form and ‘overcome’ them with succinct answers. Ideally, make your form filling in positive.


FAQs Help and Glossaries

They’re not glamorous but they do show some authority for your site and gives your business an air of authority.


Promotion Pages

Always popular with visitors and a good place to have engaging content.

Websites should be a conversation and good conversation pleases you and keeps you interested. You will leave but you’ll be back for more.


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